Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 3 Substory Guide

Interested in the substories in Chapter 3 of Like a Dragon: Ishin!? This guide will walk you through all of them.

Interested in the substories in Chapter 3 of Like a Dragon: Ishin!? This guide will walk you through all of them.
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There are almost too many substories in Like a Dragon: Ishin! to count, but luckily they can indeed be counted and even completed if you’ve got the time and the will.

In this guide we’re going to go over every substory that can be first started in Chapter 3. Keep in mind these can be picked up or completed at any time. If you are looking for further help with substories, we have a set of guides going over how to complete every substory in Ishin!.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 3 Substory Guide

1. Nichibuza’s Newest fan

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Nichibuza dance school in Rakunai

How to complete: Rescue the woman being attacked by a group of bandits. Afterwards, she’ll treat you to a Buyo class. Complete the class to finish the Substory.

Reward: Bond with Maijo-sensei, 250 Virtue, Buyo dancing minigame

2. Deceitful Deity

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Karasuma Street, south of Ginryu Dojo after speaking to Ginryu

How to complete: You’ll be approached by a doshin who will ask for your help catching Dark Ebisu, a con man impersonating a deity. Afterwards, speak to the older woman near Katamore on Shijo Street, and she’ll direct you to Teramachi. Head to the western most part of Teramachi, directly south of Hanamaru Udon. Approach the con artist, but be ready to throw down.

Reward: 300 Virtue

3. Who’s Entertaining Who?

Available in: Chapter 3; you must have visited the Singing Bar and Nichibuza dance school at least once, and played their minigames.

Location: Teramachi St, in front of Shikokuya Inn

How to complete: Talk to the woman in front of Skikokuya Inn, then go to Watami on West Shiho St. to meet the famous artist, Kanda. You’ll end up going to the Singing Bar and performing Iji Sakura. When Kanda asks you about his art afterwards, say “It was bold and virile.”Next, you’ll go to Nichibuza to perform Samurai Enbu on normal difficulty. When Kanda again asks you what you think of his art, say “Bold, yet elegant.” Win the fight that follows to finish the Substory. Be warned: your prize depends on how well you play the minigames, so you might want to practice first.

Reward: Ancient Amulet (top prize) or Sacred Wood or Charming Doll, depending on performance, and 350 Virtue

4. I’ll Miss You, Miho

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Kawaramachi, in Rakunai, north of Nichibuza dance school

How to complete: You’ll run into Shinta, who is on the way to see his friend Miho. Approach the kids to learn that Miho is moving and she and Shinta have a fight about it. Afterwards, Miho asks you to tell him “thank you.” Find him at the shrine in Rakunai. When you talk to him, choose the following answers:

  1. “Thank you for caring about her” or “thank you for your friendship” (either is fine)
  2. “You’re important to her”

Head back to where Miho was afterwards, then chase down palanquin to complete the substory.

Reward:  Rainbow Fabric, 300 Virtue

5. Talkin’ Tosa

Available in: Chapter 4

Location: Kawaramachi, Rakunai, in the corner northeast of Nichibuza

How to complete: Fuije needs help translating a letter from a woman he met (he sold her a kimono) who lives in Tosa, bit it’s written in Tosa-Ben and he can’t read it. Agree to help him translate.

Choose the following answers:

  1. “It’s been a while” for “been a spell, wouldn’t ye say”
  2. “This’n’s” means “I”
  3. “She means you” for “y’are”

Reward: Fine Silk Fabric

Come back later and you’ll have to translate another letter. 

Choose the following answers:

  1. “Religiously, that?” means “asking if you do it every day”
  2. “The tremblin’ takes me” is “her heart aches”
  3. “Meet in a twinklin” is “meet soon”

Reward: Platinum Chunk

Come back later and you’ll have to translate another letter. 

Choose the following answers:

  1. “Even I’m to shamble about and bust me bum” is “Stumble and fall”
  2. “Men who won’t take the plunge” is “cowardly men”
  3. “Aflame” means “tell her how you feel.”

Leave and come back one more time to learn that our lovebirds are getting hitched. There’s no translating this time, just a reward: Phoenix Feather.

6. The Mochi Mystery

Requirements: Chapter 3

Location: Shinneicho in Rakunai, northeast of Kurogane Smithing

How to complete: Solve the mystery of the mochi thief! The culprits are Higashihara and Minamino.

Reward: Godslayer’s Talisman, 300 Virtue

7. Ee Ja Nai for Justice

Requirements: Chapter 3

Location: Western side of Shinmeicho

How to complete: More dancers. More fights. You get the idea.

Reward: Tranquil Towel, 350 Virtue

11. Global Fraud

Available in: Chapter 3, Day

Location: Teramachi, the westernmost street

How to complete: Talk to the old man in front of a building and agree to help him teach students using a globe. When the students ask questions, choose the following answers.

  1. Japan
  2. Great Qing (China)
  3. Country 4

After a heartwarming cutscene, the substory ends.

Reward:  European Fabric, 300 Virtue

15. The Injured Grandma

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Teramachi, next to the riverbank, in Rakunai

How to complete: You’ll stumble upon an old woman who has fallen down. Offer to escort her home and she’ll treat you to tea. From here on, you can interact with her and fill her bond.

Reward: Bond with Injured Grandma, 150 Virtue

18. The Reclusive Son

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: East Umekojicho, Rakugai, north of Unyuan

How to complete: Talk to the mother and agree to speak to her son. When you get up to his room, choose the following options:

  1. What are you up to?
  2. Make a personal connection
  3. Boost his self-confidence

After a series of cutscenes, you’ll end up in a fight. Win it to finish the Substory.

Reward: 350 virtue, Iron gauntlets, Rainbow Shard

21. Sonno Joni

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: North Umekojicho in Rakugai, in the alley between the Rakugai Arms Dealer and Creepy Bar

How to complete: You’ll run into a student warning his foreign foreign master about Sonno Joni, but the master doesn’t listen, which will cause problems. Follow him over to Sannocho in Rakugai, near the entrance to Mukurogai, and save him. Find him one last time on the far second floor of Mukurogai. Be ready for a fight.

Reward: 350 Virtue

22. Ee Ja Not Ka

Available in: Chapter 3, after completing Substory 47

Location: East Emekojicho, near the shrine

How to complete: You’ll run into more people doing the Ee Ja Nai dance and another fight breaks out. Win it.

Reward: Vermilion Fabric, 300 Virtue

25. The Sword Nut

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Sannocho, just east of the entrance to Mukurgai

How to complete: You’ll see a guy standing in front of a wall. Talk to him.

Reward: Bond with Sword Nut, 150 Virtue

29. The Bad Side of Town

Available In: Chapter 3

Location: Mukurogai, next visit after the main story

How to complete: Take the left path after you get off the ferry. A group of bandits try to rob you. Ensure they regret it.

Reward: 250 Virtue

30. Brawler for Hire

Available in: Chapter 3, complete Substory 7

Location: Mukurogai First Floor, west of Paradise

How to complete: This guy wants to fight you. Fight him.

Rewards: 300 Virtue

34. The Servile Beggar

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Southeast of Makurogai entrance and Northeast of the Arms Dealer, sitting in a corner.

How to complete: This guy’s very hungry. Give him food. Any food.

Reward: Bond with Servile Beggar, 150 Virtue

39. A Clean Streak

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Harima bathhouse in Fushimi, west of Fukufuku Pub.

How to complete: Enjoy your bath, because things are going to get weird. Once you get out, chase down the clothes thief, then run back to the bathhouse while escaping from the law who attempt to arrest you for being a deviant.

Reward: Crystal, 300 Virtue

40. A Man and his Sack

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Yashikimachi, north of the shrine

How to complete: You’ll notice a bunch of men lining up to speak with a man sitting on the ground. Go to the back of the line and wait to get some inari sushi. They’ll sell out before you get there, so go kill some time and come back later (the Substory icon will appear on the map). Line up again… and they’ll sell out again, right before you get there. Go do something else for a while, and come back when the Substory icon shows up. Third time’s the charm, but the guy behind you will steal your inari! Chase him down to finish the Substory.

Reward: 300 Virtue

46. Scented Water

Available in: Chapter 3

Location: Fushimi, east of Teradaya, near the boat to Mukurogai

How to complete: Speak to the woman next to the boat. She wants perfume but it’s only being sold on the Mukurogai black market. Offer to go for her. She’ll give you 3 ryo and tell you to keep whatever’s left. Go to the east side of Mukurogai’s second floor and talk to black maerket dealer Ryoma notices. He’ll fight you. Defeat him to get the perfume, and then elude him in the chase that follows.

Reward: 3 ryo, 300 Virtue

53. Frequently Lost Courier

Requirements: Chapter 3

Location: East of Teradaya, near Shrine

How to complete: Talk to him to begin the Substory, then kill some time and come back later. Return once the Substory icon appears on the map. Speak to him again and return once his icon appears on the map again. Agree to deliver package to Kankichi in Yashikimachi (near the shrine) to complete the Substory.

Reward: Bond with Frequently Lost Courier, 150 Virtue

57. Soft and Supple

Available in: Chapter 3, Night

Location: Northern Gion, north of Yamabuki

How to complete: Enter the brothel and choose whatever option you like. Defeat the enemies that follow (no spoilers) for 3 ryo.

Reward: 3 ryo, 300 Virtue

That covers all of the substories available in Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves. If you’ve been following our guides, you’ll have completed 30 of them. Only 42 more to go. For more on Like a Dragon: Ishin!, check out our guides hub.

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