Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 2 Substory Guide

Looking for all the substories in Chapter 2 of Like a Dragon: Ishin!? You'll find them here.

There are a lot of Substories in Like a Dragon: Ishin! 72, to be exact, and it will take a lot of time and effort to track them all down. This guide will tell you every bubstory you can pick up starting in Chapter 2: The Man Named Saito Hajime, how to complete them, and the rewards you'll get from each one.

We have guides covering all the substories in Like a Dragon: Ishin!, segmented by the first Chapter you can accept them in. Be sure to check them out if you need further help completing every substory in the game.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 2 Substory Guide

37. Death of the Author

Available in: Chapter 2

Location: Inside Teradaya inn, on the second floor at the very back.

How to complete: Natsumi has writer’s block, and needs some ideas for his next book and needs your help. Natsumi is based on real-life writer Natsumi Sosaku, so his work is the clue here. This Substory is a little tricky, as the different answers can offer different rewards. “Cat” is the correct answer for the first set of options, but you can choose any of them and get the same reward. Leave and return a while later, and he’ll ask for help again. Choose “Botch-chan” this time. Return a third time after some time has passed and select “Heart” to get European Fabric, the best reward. Choosing any other option here will get you a Charming Doll. This completes the Substory.

Reward: Broken Compass, Fine Silk Fabric, European Fabric/Charming Doll (depending on your choice), 300 Virtue

41. All in the Hips

Available in: Chapter 2

Location: Umai Udon in Fushimi

How to complete: Eat at Umai Udon to unlock the bond with the owner, then talk to the shop owner again to start the Substory (if this doesn’t work, leave the area and come back later). The owner will throw out his back giving you a, uh… weird demonstration of his process. You’ll fill in for him and get introduced to the Udon minigame, where you have to memorize customers’ orders and then fulfill them in a short period of time by pressing the corresponding button. This can be hard, but you can pause mid-game to have more time to memorize orders, or use the Recommended button to make all orders the same for a round. Hit the sales total he requests to complete the Substory. 

Reward: Get 10% of the sales, 250 Virtue

43. It’s a Long Story

Available in: Chapter 2

Location: South Yashikimachi in Fushimi, north of the Wood Cutter

How to complete: Sakiko is such an incredible gossip that nobody wants to talk to her anymore. Listen to her stories and answer the questions. She started liking “bamboo shoots” as she grew up. She reunited with Kotaro-chan “outside a tea shop.” Her name, in case you forgot, is “Sakiko.”

Rewards: Gold Seal, 300 Virtue

44. It’s a Long Story: the Final Chapter

Available in: Chapter 2, after completing Substory 43.

Location: Same place as Substory 43

How to complete: Sakiko is still feeling chatty, so agree to hear her out and answer her questions. The colors of django at Otake Tea Parlor are, in order, “red, white, and green.” Uji Tea Parlor’s special is “Azamake.” Her favorite mascot girl at Uji Tea Parlor is “Sumire.”

Reward: Tear of the Dragon, 300 Virtue

45. It’s a Long Story. Epilogue

Available in: Chapter 2, after completing Substory 44

Location: Same place as substories 43 and 44; there will not be a map icon to tell you it’s available, so you’ll have to check manually.

How to complete: Sakiko still has a lot to talk about. Listen to her stories, and then answer the prompts she gives you. She’s been sneaking out every night to talk to “a scarecrow.” Kotaro-chan’s favorite food is “pickled daikon.” When she tried fishing, she caught “a tuna.”

Reward: Golden Medicine Case, 350 Virtue

47. Ee Ja Nai Ka

Requirements: Chapter 2

Location: Yashikimachi main street going north

How to complete: Beat up the troublemakers abusing the spirit of the dance.

Reward: Exquisite Cogwheel

50. The Desperate Fisherman

Available in: Chapter 2

Location: Right in front of Teradaya, by the wooden railing

How to complete: Talk to the fisherman. He’s lousy at fishing, but he wants to keep doing it. Give him a fish to placate his wife and unlock his bond.

Reward: Bond with Desperate Fisherman, 150 Virtue

51. The Junk Boy

Available in: Chapter 2

Location: Kuramachi in Fushimi, north of Teradaya

How to complete: This poor kid just wants to play with his friends, but he doesn’t have any toys. Give him anything you have (I gave him a bone) so he can join the fun.

Reward: Bond with Junk Boy, 150 Virtue

52. The Wood Cutter

Available in: Chapter 2

Location: Very southwestern part of Fushimi, right across from the palanquin bearers.

How to complete: Talk to the wood cutter and chop some wood for him.

Reward: Bond with Wood Cutter, 150 Virtue

That covers all of the substories available in Chapter 2: The Man Named Saito Hajime. For more on Like a Dragon: Ishin!, check out our guides hub.

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