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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria — How to Craft Khazad Steel Ingot

Khazad Steel is one of the harder ingots to forge in Return to Moria.

When you reach the Bridge of Khazad-dum, you’ll start getting plans for Khazad weapons and armor. However, you won’t be able to make them immediately. Constructed with a metal that’s hard to smelt, this is how to craft Khazad Steel Ingot in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

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How to Make Khazad Steel in Return to Moria

Khazad Steel Ingots are needed when crafting Khazad Weapons. These are essential when fighting the Uruk that call Dwarrowdelf home. They hit hard and are heavily armored, so you’ll need something equally hard and strong to beat them.

But that’s not all Khazad Steel Ingots are used for. You’ll also need them to make Balin’s Key and Frar’s Key. Before you can craft any ingots, however, you’ll need to unlock the recipe for Khazad Steel Ingot. To do so, you have to build the Ufuhan Furnace.

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Ufuhan Furnace Crafting Requirements

Once you build the Ufuhan Furnace, the recipe will become available. You’ll need a decent amount of space to place the structure, however. I found I had to rearrange a few of my crafters for it to fit.

Khazad Steel Ingot Recipe

To smelt Khazad Steel, you’ll need:

  • Gold Ore x6
  • Iron Ore x3

Both Gold Ore and Iron Ore can be found in Adamant veins in Dwarrowdelf. There are some Adamant deposits that contain Gold in the Lower Deeps, and Iron Ore can be found throughout the Western Halls in Rock.

It takes 30 seconds to craft a single Ingot, and they can’t be made at a regular Furnace at any time. If you’re using the Ufuhan Furnace instead of a Great Forge, you’ll need fuel as well.

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Where to Loot Khazad Steel

If you don’t want to build the crafter and collect the resources, you can find Khazad Steel Ingots in Orkish Chests. They can sometimes drop from Uruk enemies, as well as the Warchief in Orc Settlements in Dwarrowdelf and the Desolation area. Just grabbing these bars resulted in me having almost 30 ingots, plenty to craft a few weapons and armor with.

That’s how to craft Khazad Steel Ingot in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, as well as where to loot it. For other resource locations, such as Sun-stone, Resin, or Ubasam Wood, check out our guide vault.

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