There are six courses to play in Mario Golf: Super Rush's regular play and adventures mode. Here's how to unlock each one.

Mario Golf: Super Rush Courses Guide — How to Unlock All Courses

There are six courses to play in Mario Golf: Super Rush's regular play and adventures mode. Here's how to unlock each one.
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Mario Golf: Super Rush has six unique courses to play through, each with its own challenges, characters, unlockables, and more. When starting the game, you’ll have access to just two of the six courses available. Naturally, you may be wondering how to unlock them all. 

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Every course can be unlocked in two ways, either through regular play or through Gold Adventure mode. This guide will cover both methods, as well as briefly describe each of the game’s courses, the diversity of which helps keep the game fresh and exciting.

How to Unlock Each Course in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Waluigi shakes his fist on a putting green with a bunker behind him.

Rookie Course

Rookie Course is the first course in the game, and by far, the best place to learn the basics (it is the tutorial, after all). It is where you will be given your free standard clubs by the Caddie Master and learn to use them, and the holes are very straightforward. There are few obstacles and weather isn’t an issue.

How to Unlock in Regular Play
This course is unlocked for regular play by default and is one of the two courses available from the start.

How to Unlock in Golf Adventure
If you’re playing through Golf Adventure, Rookie Course will be available after you have completed the three tutorial exercises in Bonny Greens.

Bonny Greens

Bonny Greens is quite similar to Rookie Course but with more obstacles. Bunkers are more prevalent, and there are many more trees blocking potential shots. As Rookie Course exists as the tutorial, Bonny Greens is the first real course where you can put those new skills to the test.

How to Unlock in Regular Play
This is the other course that is unlocked by default in regular play. You can drop right into this course without needing to play the Rookie Course.

How to Unlock in Golf Adventure
In Golf Adventure, however, you will need to speed through the final three holes of Rookie Course in 10 minutes or less, finishing with a score under +3.

Ridgerock Lake 

Ridgerock Lake is the first course that allows you to select the order in which you play and complete holes. The course features more water and elevation than the other courses, as well as more dynamic obstacles, including enemies, tornadoes, and strong winds.

How to Unlock in Regular Play
Complete 18 holes on Bonny Greens to unlock this course. You don’t have to complete every hole; instead, you could opt to do two 9-hole sessions on Bonny Greens or three 6-hole sessions. All that matters is that you complete 18 total holes.

How to Unlock in Golf Adventure
To unlock in Golf Adventure, you will need to finish the Bonny Green Open below +8 over par, and be awarded the chrome badge.

Balmy Dunes

Balmy Dunes is the game’s desert course. Visibility is low due to sandstorms, as well as strong winds. Numerous sand hazards and Pokeys roaming around will certainly cause you some trouble. 

How to Unlock in Regular Play
To unlock Balmy Dunes in regular play, you’ll need to beat 18 holes on Ridgerock Lake. Again, it doesn’t matter how you choose to do 18, so do whatever works best for you.

How to Unlock in Golf Adventure
Unlocking in Golf Adventure is a bit trickier. You will need to complete the back nine of Ridgerock Lake with less than 40 strokes total, and unlock the bronze badge. You will then need to talk with Master Stinger to unlock this course.

Wildweather Woods

As the name suggests, you can expect some seriously inclement weather on this course. Beware of strong winds, rain, and lightning that can shock you if you strike your ball with too much power. The course is littered with puddles too.

How to Unlock in Regular Play
To unlock Wildweather Woods in regular play, you need to complete 18 holes in Balmy Dunes.

How to Unlock in Golf Adventure
To unlock in Golf Adventure mode, you must complete the Speed Golf challenge with Chargin’ Chuck and Boo in Balmy Dunes.

Bowser Highlands

The final course in the game, Bowser Highlands is rife with obstacles. You can expect to see Bomb-ombs, Chain Chomps, Thwomps, fireballs, and more throughout the course. The greens are incredibly hilly, and nowhere is safe from lava hazards. In Golf Adventure, some holes will even feature snow and ice.

How to Unlock in Regular Play
To unlock Bowser Highlands in regular play, complete 18 holes in Wildweather Woods.

How to Unlock in Golf Adventure
To unlock in Golf Adventure, win the gold badge in the Speed Golf challenge in Wildweather Woods, beating both Luigi and Donkey Kong.

Now that you know how to unlock all of the courses, it will be much easier for you to practice and perfect the craft of Mario Golf: Super RushTry your best to bring every one of the six courses under par, and you’ll be an unstoppable force online.

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