Mario Kart Tour: Earn a Score of 9,000 Using a Driver With Horns

Only four drivers have horns in Mario Kart Tour, so you'll need to get lucky to get a score of 9,000 using a driver with horns.

Only four drivers have horns in Mario Kart Tour, so you'll need to get lucky to get a score of 9,000 using a driver with horns.

One of the more difficult challenges in Mario Kart Tour is how to earn a score of 9,000 or higher using a driver with horns. Unfortunately, there are only four drivers that meet the criteria. The fact that they are all rare pulls makes it even more frustrating.

Earning a score using a driver with horns is a rotating challenge. As of this week, the score is set at 9,000. However, the challenge randomly appears over different tours and can vary between 7,000 and 9,000 points in a single race.

Mario Kart Tour Drivers With Horns

Previously, there were only three drivers with horns Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Dry Bowser  but the addition of new holiday winter content has brought on a fourth driver: a Reindeer version of Yoshi wearing antlers.

Here are all of the current drivers with horns, as well as what courses give you the best shot at earning a score of 9,000 or higher by getting a frenzy:

Driver Favored Courses
Bowser Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser’s Castle 1
Bowser’s Castel 1T
Rainbow Road T
Neo Bowser City
Dry Bowser Dino Dino Jungle
Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser’s Castle 1R
Bowser’s Castle 1R/T
Shy Guy Bazaar R
DK Pass R
Neo Bowser City T
Bowser Jr Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
Bowser’s Castel 1R
Choco Island 2R
Kalimari Desert R/T
Neo Bowser City
Neo Bowser City T
Paris Promenade T
Yoshi (Reindeer) Yoshi Circuit
Yoshi Circuit T
Dino Dino Jungle
New York Minute 2
New York Minute 2T


The specific areas in which you will be able to earn 9,000 points using a driver with horns vary based on what you’ve pulled from the pipe so far.

If you pulled Reindeer Yoshi, completing this challenge is fairly simple on Yoshi Circuit using the Turbo Yoshi kart and the Parachute glider.

Otherwise, one of the easiest ways to complete this challenge is with the ever-reliable Choco Island 2R, which is filled to the brim with jump boosts.

Take Bowser Jr to Choco Island 2R using pretty much any glider and kart combo to earn a huge score.

Another solid option is to use Dry Bowser in Dino Dino Jungle with the DK Jumbo Kart and the Oilpaper Umbrella glider.

I found it harder to complete this challenge in Bowser’s Castle and Neo Bowser City, but depending on your kart and glider combos, you may have an easier time of it in those locations.

Don’t have any of these drivers yet? Using rubies on pipe pulls and hoping for the best may not be the best route to go. Instead, use some rubies on the coin rush level and save up a nest egg of 3,000 or more coins.

Don’t spend the coins until one of the drivers you need shows up (randomly) in the store. Store offerings rotate out every 24 hours. Within a few days, you should be able to buy one of the Bowser options or the Reindeer Yoshi.

Let us know where you managed to get a score of 9,000 using a driver with horns! Be sure to also take a look at the rest of our Mario Kart Tour challenge guides including:

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