What is a Coin Rush in Mario Kart tour?

On the hunt for one specific driver or kart that the pipe never seems to spit out for you? If you've got spare rubies, the Coin Rush is a great way to buy new racers!

Mario Kart Tour comes jam packed with a dizzying array of currencies, subscriptions, tours, and courses, and not all of them are fully explained.For instance, just what the heck is the Coin Rush, and how do you even play it?

Let's take a look at this quick and easy way to earn coins for buying new drivers.

Playing Coin Rush In Mario Kart Tour

Besides boosting your points on any given course when they are picked up, coins let you buy drivers, karts, and gliders directly at the shop rather than acquiring new drivers at random through a pipe pull.

Those purchase options swap out daily however, and the specific drivers and karts available are limited based on your level, with 9 total combinations available each day when you hit level 12.

If there's a specific glider or kart you want that you never seem to pull randomly, its nice to have coins on hand so you can check what's available in the shop each day.

While you can only get a small number of coins for completing races, you can get far more at a time with a Coin Rush.

There's a big trade off though -- starting a Coin Rush requires you to spend the premium rubies currency, with more coins scattered across the track depending on how many rubies you spend:

  • Coins x2 - 5 rubies
  • Coins x6 - 15 rubies
  • Coins x10 - 25 rubies

Got some spare rubies to spend and want to grab a ton of coins at once? When you are in the tour select or main menu screen, just tap the coin bar at the top of the screen.

Currently, this is the only course where you can play as Gold Mario, and there will be no other players on the course for the race.

Gold Mario also pulls in coins in a radius rather than having to hit them directly like a normal track.

If you want to hit the most coins as possible, stay in the middle of the track at all times rather than trying to weave left and right to hit stray coins.

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Published Oct. 11th 2019

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