Mario Kart Tour Guide: Course With The Most Coins

Using the Coin Box ability, its possible to hit 50 - 99 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour!

Using the Coin Box ability, its possible to hit 50 - 99 coins in a single race in Mario Kart Tour!

Coins may not be as directly useful as Rubies in Mario Kart Tour, but earning a steady stream is always helpful. You may also want to try to complete the Collect 30 Coins In A Single Race challenge on the bingo board to earn extra stars. Wondering which Mario Kart course has the most coins?

There are some clear winners on that front, and we’re going to show you how to hit the secondary Collect 50 Coins In A Single Race Using A Driver With A Dress challenge at the same time when picking the right course.

The course that physically features the most coins lying in the road is actually separate from the course where you can earn the most coins in one try due to a special ability that only three drivers possess.

How To Earn 50 Coins Using A Driver With A Dress

No matter what driver, course, glider, or kart combo you go with, make sure to pick 50cc mode so your driver goes slower. That makes it easier to hit all the coins without missing any.

From there, you want to pick one of three drivers who features the Coin Box special ability. With this ability, you have a random chance when hitting an item box to start spitting out large numbers of coins in a short period of time. 

Here are the drivers and courses you want to use to nab 30 – 50 coins using the Coin Box ability:

Driver Favored Courses
Vacation Peach Mario Circuit 1R
Cheep Cheep Lagoon R/T
Mario Circuit 3
Toad Circuit R
Daisy Hills T
Koopa Troopa Beach
Koopa Troopa Beach T
Mario Circuit R
Paris Promenade
Paris Promeade R/T
Hakama Mario Mario Circuit 1
Mario Circuit 2
Mario Circuit 1T
Bowser’s Castle 1T
Waluigi Pinball R
Mario Circuit 3R
Tokyo Blur
Tokyo Blur R/T
Mario Circuit 2
Mario Circuit T
Party Time Pauline Waluigi Pinball
Rainbow Road R
New York Minute 2R
New York Minute 2T
New York Minute 2R/T
Rainbow Road


The easiest way to finish both challenges at once is to take Vacation Peach over to SNES Mario Circuit 3 and keep hitting item boxes until you pop out the coin box.

From there, just grab coins like crazy, and if you miss any, they will still be sitting there on the next lap if no other driver grabs them.

Because this course has an off-road segment where you move slower, its simple to grab all the coins quickly.

You might even get lucky and pull her special ability from the box more than once in the race.

If you have one of the other racers with the coin box ability besides Vacation Peach, take them to whatever favored course listed above you like most. 

OK, but what if you don’t have Vacation Peach, Hakama Mario, or Party Time Pauline available? That’s a highly likely scenario, since all three are super rare pulls.

In that case, you want to pick either Yoshi’s Circuit or Rock Rock Mountain as they both have plenty of coins lying around and are worth trying out to get the most coins possible using any other driver.

Finally, there’s one other option here that can work in any course, but will take more trial and error. On any course where you have the favored driver, its possible to pull a coin frenzy. To make this work, just keep playing a favored driver course over and over until it finally happens when you hit an item box — you are very likely to hit more than 30 right away.

Of course the separate Coin Rush level actually has the most coins of any course, but it costs Rubies to start and doesn’t count towards any challenges. While that means it won’t help for the Collect 30 Coins In A Single Race challenge, don’t forget to use the Coin Rush every now and again. It helps to have 3,000 coins on hand to buy rare drivers and karts as they randomly appear in the shop.

Let us know when you finally get 30 coins in a race or 50 using a driver with a dress, and leave a comment with the course and driver you used!

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