Mario Kart Tour Guide: How to do 30 Mini Turbo Boosts in One Race

If you're wondering how to do 30 mini turbo boosts in one race of Mario Kart Tour, this guide has the answer.

If you're wondering how to do 30 mini turbo boosts in one race of Mario Kart Tour, this guide has the answer.

Ready to test your mushroom kingdom racing abilities? Mario Kart Tour has more than just circuits. It’s also filled with individual challenges that will push your skills to the limit! One of these challenges is performing 30 Mini Turbo Boosts in a single race, which has left quite a few players wondering how. 

As it turns out, the challenge isn’t nearly as difficult as it first seems. The trick is shifting focus away from winning the race. 

How to Perform 30 Mini Turbo Boosts in One Race

First, turn the manual drift option off, and turn the smart steer option on. This will allow you to drift and drive forward even if you run up against a wall.

To perform mini boosts over and over, ditch any level with ramps or dash panels, as those will make it harder to keep performing mini turbo boosts over and over.

You need room to drift, making these curvy tracks without many obstacles the best courses to select:

  • Yoshi Circuit
  • Toad Circuit
  • Shy Guy Bazaar

If you have trouble beating the challenge using the first map on the list, just move down to the next one until you get the hang of it.

Although it’s possible to do 30 mini turbo boosts in 150cc mode, the most surefire method is to choose the Leisurely 50cc option for any of the maps listed above. It reduces the aggressive tendencies of the other racers.

Blue sparks indicate a mini turbo boost in Mario Kart Tour

When the race starts, just drift around corners until you see the blue sparks indicating a mini turbo boost, and keep doing that the entire race.

There’s no on-screen indicator counting how many you’ve done during the race, so just keep doing this over and over until you cross the finish line.

Ta-dah, you’re done with the Mario Kart Tour 30 mini turbo boosts challenge!

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