Mario Kart Tour Guide: How to Get the Super Horn and Land 5 Hits

This Mario Kart Tour Super Horn guide tells you how to get the rare item and use it to land 5 hits to complete the challenge.

This Mario Kart Tour Super Horn guide tells you how to get the rare item and use it to land 5 hits to complete the challenge.

Like most mobile freemium games, Mario Kart Tour features a group of rotating challenges for earning stars with rare items. Some, though, are extremely unclear unless you have put dozens of hours into the game. Right now, there are two challenges vexing the player base: land a hit with a super horn and land 5 hits with a super horn.

The latter challenge can be particularly difficult if you don’t have the right combo of driver and glider.

So, what exactly are super horns and how do you get them? Let’s find out the best ways to grab one and then look at how to quickly land 5 hits.

How to Get the Super Horn Mario Kart Tour

The super horn in Mario Kart Tour
The easiest way to get the super horn is to use Pauline. Her Lucky 7 ability automatically gives you a super horn with any item box! However, if you don’t have Pauline, follow the steps below for any other driver. 

Like standard shells or bananas, the super horn is an item that knocks other players out of their current place, but it has a much lower chance to spawn than other items. For the highest chance to pick up a super horn, you need this combo:

  • Equip the Fare Flyer glider
  • Stay in 1st-5th place

With the Fare Flyer equipped, choose a level you know well and stick with the 150cc version to make it easier to hit other players. To increase your chances of picking up the super horn, pick a preferred driver for whatever course you’ve picked so you get three items per item box.

We’ve got a complete breakdown of all the preferred drivers, karts, and gliders for every level in the New York Tour over here.

From there, just hit as many item boxes as you possibly can until you finally get a super horn. That’s all there is to it: patience.

How to Land a Hit (5 Hits) With the Super Horn

When an opponent is near you, fire the super horn to launch a sound blast. Keep in mind that you can hit more than one driver at a time if they are clumped together.

The other reason you want to use a map you are familiar with, and one that doesn’t have a ton of twists and turns, is that you have to actually land hits with the super horn for it to count toward the challenge. Simply acquiring the horn and firing it off doesn’t move your counter up towards the five required.

The good news, though, is that you don’t have to get all 5 hits in one course, so just keep hitting item boxes and eventually, you’ll complete the challenge.

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