Mario Kart Tour Guide: Take Out 5 Traffic Cones

Here's how to take out 5 traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour, as well as the best course to do it on.

Here's how to take out 5 traffic cones in Mario Kart Tour, as well as the best course to do it on.
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Driving over traffic cones in a high speed race doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult, but if you want to complete the take out 5 traffic cones challenge in Mario Kart Tour, you need to know where to look! 

They aren’t found in every level, and tend to be hidden in side corners that are hard to see. Unlike most other obstacles, you actually get points for hitting traffic cones because it counts as an action. You won’t get bounced back or slowed down like when running into a goomba or tree.

How To Take Out 5 Traffic Cones In Mario Kart Tour

This challenge is really easy to complete in one particular level.

Traffic cones used to be found in the tunnels of the Neo Bowser City tracks but have been conspicuously absent since the Halloween tour began. 

Now the best place to hit 5 Mario Kart traffic cones in a row is to head to Daisy Hills R in the Morton Cup.

It doesn’t matter what driver, kart, or glider you use, as anyone can quickly hit all five in this level.

Immediately after the very first curve in the road (right after the starting line), stay to the far right and you can hit all five cones in one shot.

If you didn’t line it up right since you can’t actually see the cones before the turn just try again on the second lap and quickly complete this challenge.

Since hitting cones count as an action, make sure to use an item just before or after hitting a series of cones (or do something else like a slipstream or mini-turbo boost) to get a combo for extra points!

Did you complete the challenge in Daisy Hills R or did you find five traffic cones somewhere else? Sound off in the comments below!

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