Mass Effect Andromeda: Technomancer Skills and Build Guide

Become a master of machines with this Technomancer build for Mass Effect Andromeda!

Become a master of machines with this Technomancer build for Mass Effect Andromeda!

Mass Effect Andromeda gives you many options on how to build your character. Want to go in guns blazing and use grenades like a soldier? Go ahead. Want to stay back and snipe, or combine different Biotics for combos? That’s fine by us. Maybe you want to try something different and mix certain abilities? You can do that too.

One build I decided to try is what I’m calling a Technomancer build. It involves using 2 constructs and usually staying in the back to provide cover fire. I’ll go over each ability I use in this build, as well as the weapons, armor, and squad I usually have.

Technomancer Skills and Profile in Mass Effect Andromeda

I call this build the Technomancer because I’m using both of the constructs available to you — Assault Turret and Remnant VI — and I can control them slightly in battle. I’m also using the Engineer Profile, which adds a Combat Drone and further increases Construct effectiveness.

  • Assault Turret: A floating turret that will fire on enemies within range.
    • You can upgrade your turret to have more durability, faster recharge, self-repair, and either a flamethrower or cryo ammo.
  • Remnant VI: A reprogrammed Observer that follows you around and attacks your enemies with a beam. It automatically repairs itself over time and cloaks when health is low.
    • You can upgrade it to do more damage, faster recharge or healing, close-combat distraction, and either missiles or an electric beam.
    • If you don’t know how do this, check out my guide to unlocking this unknown tech skill.
  • Energy Drain: Lets you drains a portion of enemy shields to restore some of your own.
    • You can also upgrade it to cause shield drain over time, which primes them for explosion targeting and detonation.
  • Auxiliary Systems: This is a passive skill tree that greatly helps this build by adding damage and health to constructs.
    • You can also choose to increase the combo priming rate and area of effect radius, which applies to constructs as well.

mass effect andromeda tech skills

I decided to go with Flamethrower on my Assault Turret and Missiles on the Remnant VI. I like that one can prime while the other detonates, and it gives me more variety. I also went with the added shields over time to make Energy Drain a more versatile skill.

Keep in mind that the Remnant VI will follow you around and move to enemies, while the turret is stuck in the position you throw it. This means you’ll have to frequently destroy your turret so you can call it out at a new location.


I use Engineer, and this is the best profile for the above build. It increases all combo damage, tech construct health, tech construct health regen, tech construct damage, and tech restoration and defense.

Both the Assault Turret and Remnant VI count as constructs. You also get a restoration bonus from Energy Drain. The passive has a drone follow you around to reduce tech recharge times, and explodes with an EMP pulse if enemies get close.

If you don’t want to use the Engineer as your go-to profile, you can always map it to your profile menu for easy access. Check out my guide to profiles and bonuses in Mass Effect Andromeda for more info. 

Weapons, Armor, and Squad


Your weapons are up to you, but this build works better when you keep your distance — especially because of the Combat Drone.

I’m currently using a Black Widow sniper and Hornet Pistol. It is okay to have a slightly longer recharge time since you are mostly using constructs, only have one normal ability, and get faster recharge times anyway.


The best armor to use is the Angaran Guerrilla/Ranger Armor. They increase Tech power damage, duration, and max shields. The chest also increases construct damage.

mass effect andromeda armor crafting


This is another personal preference, but I like to have at least one companion who can get in close — such as Cora, Jaal, or Draak — to keep the enemy occupied while I keep my distance. Having someone else with you who can prime or detonate abilities will also help a lot.

That’s all for my Technomancer build in Mass Effect Andromeda. Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to check my Beginner guide for more tips!

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