Breeze mob descending staircase in Minecraft trial chambers
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How Breeze Works in Minecraft Snapshot 24w03a

Here's how to spawn and beat the Breeze mob in Minecraft's 24w03a snapshot.

Breeze mobs are the newest hostile mobs introduced in Minecraft Snapshot 24w03a. They spawn inside Trial Chambers under special circumstances. Here, I’ll tell you how Breeze works in Minecraft, including tips on how to spawn and beat it.

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How to Spawn Breeze in Minecraft Snapshot 24w03a

Breeze mobs only spawn in Trial Chambers at spawners surrounded by chiseled tuff blocks. Breze mobs move fast once they spawn and attack you with Wind Charge attacks that shoot wind projectiles. I was surprised to learn they also jump very high and cover large distances, so don’t try to outrun them. They can traverse even lava, although not as fast.

Breeze spawner in Minecraft trial chambers
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Breeze Mob Immunities and Actions

Breeze mobs are immune to fall damage and ranged weapons like arrows and tridents. Their wind projectiles can also trigger various objects and events, so be mindful of where Breeze mobs are in the area. They can do the following actions:

  • Flip non-iron doors.
  • Trigger trapdoors.
  • Flip fence gates.
  • Press buttons and levers.
  • Ring and swing bells.
  • Shatter pots and dripstones.
  • Extinguish lit candles.

The Best Way to Beat Breeze in Minecraft

Chasing Breeze mob in Minecraft trial chambers
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Although Breeze mobs are powerful, they’re not unbeatable. I discovered they stop attacking when you get one or two blocks away from them. They literally do nothing. Take advantage and hit them with your melee weapon.

I must warn you, though: that’s hard to do. Breeze mobs constantly move around, so lure them into a tight corner, which I repeatedly relied upon once I knew it was possible.

Deflect their wind projectiles by hitting them with your melee weapon attack or with another projectile, such as a fireball. If you follow these simple rules, taking down Breeze mobs is easy. Once defeated, Breeze mobs drop 5 Experience Orbs as a reward.

That’s it on how the Breeze works in Minecraft. Stay tuned for more MC tips and tricks articles, including how to find slime chunks without seeds and how to build the best kelp farm.

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