Minecraft: How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs

Find out how to hatch Sniffer Eggs much faster than usual using this guide to Minecraft 1.20.

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Minecraft Sniffers can only be found one way: by hatching them from Sniffer Eggs. That’s not all you should know about hatching these cuties, as there’s also a way to significantly speed up hatching. Our guide will go over how to hatch Minecraft Sniffer Eggs as well as the strategy to make the whole process faster.

How to Hatch Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft 1.20

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Once you’ve been able to obtain Sniffer Eggs from Suspicious Sand blocks, you don’t need to do much to hatch the eggs. The Sniffer Eggs hatch into Sniffers automatically in about 20 minutes in real time if you place them on any type of block.

However, I found out that this time can be reduced by half if you place the Sniffer Egg on a Moss Block. In that case, the egg will hatch twice as fast and takes only 10 minutes. You can find Moss Blocks naturally growing in the Lush Caves biome. Once the egg hatches, a small Snifflet will appear, which will naturally grow into an adult Sniffer.

If you want to make Snifflets grow faster, you can feed them Torchflower Seeds. This boosts the growth rate by 10%. These seeds also heal the injured Snifflets by 2 Hearts. The Torchflowers Seeds can also be used for breeding two adult Sniffers. If you get two, you don’t have to look for the eggs in the sand anymore.

That’s everything you need to know on how to hatch Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft. Stay tuned for more Minecraft tips and tricks articles right here.

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