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Minecraft: How to Make a Bucket

We break down how to craft and use a bucket, one of the handiest tools in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a lot of different tools to use, but one of the most useful can require a bit of crafting first. Here’s how to make a bucket in Minecraft as well as how to use one.

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How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

How to Craft a Bucket

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To craft a bucket in Minecraft, you’ll need to place three iron ingots in a V-shape pattern. This means you’ll need to mine iron ore and then smelt it with a furnace to produce ingots first. Since it requires a 3×3 grid, you’ll also need to use a crafting table to create one.

Like other crafting recipes that only use a few spaces on the grid, there are a couple of layouts. The first is to place two ingots in the upper corners and one in the absolute center. The second layout is to place two ingots on the sides of the middle row and one in the center of the bottom row. Either will output a bucket, which you can then add to your inventory.

Where to Find a Bucket

If you want to find a bucket naturally, you might be able to do so in a dungeon, village, or woodland mansion. The chests within all three have a chance of having one inside.

How to Use a Bucket

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It’s possible to fill it with a variety of things as long as you use it on the correct block or mob. For example, it can pick up a water or lava source block to then be emptied elsewhere. It can also be filled with milk if you use it on a cow, goat, or mooshroom. A powder snow block can also be transported using one as well.

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Finally, if you already have a bucket with water in it, you can use it on an aquatic mob such as salmon or an axolotl. The mob will then be added to the bucket until you place it elsewhere.

That covers all you need to know about how to make and use a bucket in Minecraft. For other tips, such as how to use Trial Spawners, check out our collection of Minecraft guides.

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