Minecraft: How to Trade With Piglins

Here's how to trade with Piglins in Minecraft, including a list of the items they drop.

Here's how to trade with Piglins in Minecraft, including a list of the items they drop.
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Piglins are new mobs introduced in the Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update. They are neutral mobs that have a lot to offer. You can trade your with them for items like enchanted books, potions, and even soul sand and crying obsidian. 

All you need to barter with them is gold ingots. However, there’s a bit of luck involved when trading with them. There’s no guarantee you’ll get what you’re after. Depending on your luck, you will get various items in return. 

This Piglins guide will tell where to find piglins and how to trade with them. It will also detail the items they give in return, including item quantity and the percentage chance of you actually getting the item. 

How to Trade With Piglins in Minecraft

A Piglin holding a sword.

Piglins usually spawn in two nether biomes: crimson forests and nether wastes. You can also find them inside bastion remnants protecting treasure chests.

To trade with a piglin, simply throw a golden ingot in front of them. The piglin will carefully analyze the ingot, which usually takes around six to eight seconds, and if they’re happy, they’ll drop a random item on the floor for you to pick up.

Below is a table with a complete list of all possible items dropped by piglins during bartering:

Quantity Chance
Enchanted Book
1 1.18%
Iron Boots 1 1.89%
Iron Nugget 9-36 2.36%
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 1 2.36%
Potion of Fire Resistance 1 2.36%
Nether Quartz 8-16 4.73%
Glowstone Dust 5-12 4.73%
Magma Cream 2-6 4.73%
Ender Pearl 4-8 4.73%
String 8-24 4.73%
Fire Charge 1-5 9.46%
Gravel 8-16 9.46%
Leather 4-10 9.46%
Nether Brick 4-16 9.46%
Obsidian 1 9.46%
Crying Obsidian 1-3 9.46%
Soul Sand 4-16 9.46%


If you have more than one gold ingot, you can drop them all on the ground, and piglins will pick up and check each of them. They will drop one item for each ingot. Piglins do not accept any other golden items for trading — only golden ingots. 

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