Minecraft: How to Use Trial Keys in Snapshot 23W45A

Here are a few possible theories on how to use Trial Keys in Minecraft Snapshot 23W45A.

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One of the biggest mysteries of the new Snapshot 23W45A is the Trial Key, which spawns after completing the Trial Chamber challenges. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to use Trial Keys in Minecraft, including possible theories.

How to Use Trial Keys in Minecraft Snapshot 23W45A

Trial Keys are rewards for defeating hostile mobs that spawn from the Trial Spawners in the Trial Chambers. But sometimes you can also find them inside chests and other places, including:

  • Trial Spawner: 50%
  • Entrance Chest: 6.8%
  • Corridor Pot: 3.6%

The purpose of the Trial Keys hasn’t been officially announced by Mojang. As of Snapshot 23W45A, the Trial Keys have no defined functionality yet. It’s certain that these keys will open something like an additional reward chest or a secret room. The Minecraft community has a few strong theories regarding Trial Keys, so here are a few of the strongest ones that I believe have the highest potential to be true.

Theory 1: Unlocks a Secret Vault

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There’s a strange stone door in the entrance hall of the Trial Chambers. Many players say that it’s the entrance door into the chambers, but it’s also possible that there’s another purpose for this stone structure to exist.

The central symbol at the door indicates that you could insert a key in there. That’s why so many players think that the Trial Keys could be used to unlock a secret vault.

Theory 2: Crafting Ingredient

Another theory suggests that Trial Keys could be crafting ingredients. This theory is very logical, as the game literally identifies a Trial Key as an ingredient in the loot table. So if it’s a crafting ingredient, then what kind of items does it craft?

Some players suggested that it could be a crafting material for a special inventory that could be locked and unlocked by holding the key. I think this idea isn’t that far-fetched and could totally be true.

Theory 3: Luck Effect

The last solid theory is that Trial Keys may serve as some kind of luck effect that would increase the chance of finding better items inside chests. It’s really not a bad idea, and it could be easily implemented.

That’s everything you need to know on how to use Trial Keys in Minecraft snapshot 23W45A. Stay tuned for more MC tips and tricks articles right here.

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