Minecraft: What Are Snapshot Realms and How Do They Work?

Let us show you what are Snapshot Realms and how do they work in Minecraft.

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With the Minecraft Snapshot 23w41a comes the first of many special updates where you can test out new features early. Essentially, this is a mini testing version of Minecraft available periodically through your Java Realms subscription. Let us summarize them for you and show you what are Snapshot Realms and how do they work in Minecraft.

What Are Snapshot Realms and How Do They Work in Minecraft?

A Snapshot is a periodically released testing version update in Minecraft available to Java Realms subscribers, where players can try out new unrefined features that Mojang implements before they roll into an official update. In case you played multiplayer games like Overwatch or League of Legends, think of it as PBE (Public Beta Environment).

Every Java Realms subscriber can now create a unique Snapshot Realm tied to their account. This also means that if you cancel your subscription both your Java Realm and the Snapshot Realm will be canceled. Snapshot Realms also allows you to test out new features with friends.

Note that Java Realms and Bedrock Edition Realms are separate features.

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How to Use a Snapshot Realm in Minecraft

You can create a Java Snapshot Realm if you have an active subscription. If you create a Snapshot Realm, your Java Realm subscription will be linked to it as we mentioned. Here’s how to create one:

  • Simply open your Minecraft Realms.
  • Click on “Start free Snapshot Realm.”
  • Confirm with the “Create Realm” button.

It’s now paired with your regular realm. The neat part is that this feature doesn’t in any way increase the cost of your Java Realms subscription. You can find the latest Snapshot news in your launcher by clicking on “Patch notes” and then the Snapshots box.

Snapshot Realms are a great way to experiment with new untested features of the game with your friends, without necessarily impacting your other Realms. With that, you now know what Snapshot Realms are in Minecraft. Hopefully, we have shown you what are Snapshot Realms and how do they work. If you found this article helpful and want to stay in touch with our Minecraft guides, check out this page.

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