Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Lightcrystal

Here's where to get your hands on some Lightcrystal in Monster Hunter Rise.

Here's where to get your hands on some Lightcrystal in Monster Hunter Rise.

Lightcrystal is used in a whole list of weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, and it’s also used to make a variety of Low Rank armors that you may or may not want. Most likely, you’re going to want Lightcrystal for forging a weapon.

Since Lightcrystal is used in so many weapon recipes in Monster Hunter Rise, it can be found in both Low Rank and High Rank content. Though not in as many locations as Dragonite Ore or some others.

How to Get Lightcrystal in Monster Hunter Rise

Lightcrystal can be especially elusive if you’re not taking on quests in the right map, that being the Flooded Forest.

Unlike a number of other forging materials, you can get Lightcrystal from mining outcrops in the Flooded Forest whether you’re doing Low Rank or High Rank quests in Monster Hunter Rise.

If you’re unsure of where mining outcrops can be found in the Flooded Forest, load into the zone and open your Detailed Map to pinpoint mining outcrop locations and make your way to them for a chance to mine some Lightcrystal.

A Gathering Support Type Palico may be of help in getting Lightcrystal faster, but honestly it’s not a particularly difficult material to mine up considering its myriad of uses and the fact it can be found on both LR and HR versions of the Flooded Forest map.

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