Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get High Quality Pelt

How to get High Quality Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise.

The list of materials you need for Low Rank in Monster Hunter Rise ends up not being that long, but the list of High Rank materials you need is a different story. There are loads of High Rank materials you're going to have to go out of your way for if you want certain pieces of equipment, and one that can be a bit perplexing is the High Quality Pelt.

High Quality Pelt is used in a handful of equipment crafting recipes, but luckily, it's not too many since the item can be a bit of a pain to get. Only two monsters drop this material in Monster Hunter Rise, and you may not be included to slay them usually.

Monster Hunter Rise: High Quality Pelt Locations

Being a High Rank material, you are only going to be able to get High Quality Pelt from High Rank monsters. Luckily, you're hunting the easiest of the easy in terms of HR: Kelbi and Anteka.

High Quality Pelt only comes from slaying High Rank Kelbi or Anteka, with Kelbi being the more reliable source as the carve rate on the pelt with Anteka is under 20% — meaning you're better off farming Kelbi for it.

Kelbi are found in the Shrine Ruins in two specific areas: Regions 11 and 13. They are circled in green on the map to the right.

Like most other smaller herbivore monsters, Kelbi are skittish. Once you attack a single Kelbi, the others in your vicinity will attempt to flee. You can make farming them a little easier by waiting to carve until you slay all those in the area.

I prefer farming them in Region 11, as there is also a bonepile to dig through and a mining outcrop to whack on. It's also faster to get to, but that may just be personal preference.

The moose-looking Anteka are found in the Frost Islands, and are located in Region 1 and Region 6 of the map. They will also flee once you attack one of their kind, but the High Quality Pelt drop rate is much lower for them. Still, they're worth killing sometimes if you think you're going to need the pelt later and the Anteka just happen to be where you are.

Hopefully, this helps you get your mits on some High Quality Pelt for your next piece of equipment. Take a gander at Gameskinny's other Monster Hunter Rise guides as you grow into the hunter you want to be.

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Published Mar. 29th 2021

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