If you want to make some of the best Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak, you'll need Lazurite Jewels, and this guide is all about how to get them.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Get Lazurite Jewels

If you want to make some of the best Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak, you'll need Lazurite Jewels, and this guide is all about how to get them.

Armor and weaponry are only part of the huge number of build-making options in Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak. Decorations you make at the Smithy and apply in Decoration slots in your equipment are essential to take a build from average to endgame-ready. One of the most important materials for making the best Decorations, whether you’re in High or Master Rank, are Lazurite Jewels.

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Sunbreak introduces a slew of new choices that require expansion-only materials, but there are plenty of Decorations you can only make with Lazurite. Here’s how to get them.

Where to Find Lazurite Jewels in Rise and Sunbreak

Lazurite Jewels are primarily high-level High Rank and low-level Master Rank rewards. Depending on which you choose to undertake and when, you might only need to farm a little bit, but some of the higher-end Decorations cost five or six Lazurite Jewels, so you’ll want as many of them as you can get.

Your usual reward is one-three Lazurites per quest completion, provided you didn’t cart back to camp. By the time you make it to Sunbreak, you’re liable to have at least a couple dozen at the ready. You’ll have more if you spent time farming High Rank gear in preparation for the early game of the expansion.

This is especially true if you fought any number of Apex monsters either in regular quests or Rampage quests. Before Sunbreak, Apex creatures were the best way to farm Lazurite Jewels, though that method was also one of the toughest.

How to Farm Lazurite Jewels

One of the best farms you can do now for Lazurite Jewels is to take on low-difficulty Master Rank quests against Great Baggi, Great Izuchi, Lagombi, Pukei-Pukei, or whatever other one or two-star Master Rank quest you like most.

Alternatively, you can hunt higher-tier High-Rank monsters with Master Rank gear to start working on a new weapon tree. If you want a good Ice Greatsword, for instance, you’ll need to fight High-Rank Kushala Daora a few times for his materials and then do the same for Master Rank.

MR Kushala is deep into the Sunbreak campaign; you won’t be getting Lazurite Jewels from him, but his High-Rank equivalent weapons require a very rare Gem material, so you might be fighting him a lot. The same is true for other late-game High-Rank monsters.

Lazurite Jewels might be harder to come by than Heavy or King Armor Spheres, but you’ll want enough of them to craft Attack, Weakness Exploit, and other powerful Decorations. We’ve covered several other Sunbreak-specific materials you’ll need as well, including Monster Slogbone, Allfire Stone, and more. Check out our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub for all of it.

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