Mortal Kombat X Guide: How to Find All Krypt Inventory Items

Check this guide out for the locations of every krypt inventory item in Mortal Kombat X.

Check this guide out for the locations of every krypt inventory item in Mortal Kombat X.
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Mortal Kombat X has what they call a “Krypt,” which allows you to unlock most things in the game. Once you gain Koins from fighting, go to the krypt to spend them. It has Quick Time Events (QTE), where creatures jump out at you, as well as inventory items. These inventory items allow you to reach more areas of the krypt and unlock all Brutalities and Fatalities and even costumes and skins.

I’ll help you find all 12 of these inventory items so you can have access to all areas in the Krypt. If you are looking for more guides and tips on Mortal Kombat X, check out my Beginner’s guide.

This guide will cover the locations of all the inventory items in Mortal Kombat X including:

  • Name – What you call the item.
  • Location – The krypt area and coordinates.
  • Areas Unlocked – If the item lets you access a new area, it will also be listed.

Krypt Inventory Item Locations

When you pick up one of the items, it will show in your inventory. You can check your inventory, as well as the map, by opening the menu.

The top shows all the items you have, but you cannot interact with them here. When you reach an area that needs an inventory item, it will tell you if you do not have it and give a hint on what you need.

If you have the item, it will prompt you to use it.

Scorpion’s Spear

  • Walkway of Souls Area (Starting map)
  • Coordinates (-13,19)

Sub-Zero’s Ice Ball

  • Frost Path Area (Starting map pass Scorpion’s Spear)
  • Coordinates (-21, 20)

Raiden’s Staff

  • Spider Kave Area (Extra map near the beginning of the starting area)
  • Coordinates (5,11)

Spider Gem

  • Scorpion Pits Area (Spider Kave map, you have to lift a door to reach the area)
  • Coordinates (18,10)
  • Must have Scorpion’s Spear to get across

Kung Lao’s Hat

  • Chamber of Bones Area (Northwest of Spider Kave map)
  • Coordinates (-7,12)

Reptile’s Claw

  • Widow’s Pass Area (Northern part of Spider Kave map)
  • Coordinates (6,30)
  • Must have Raiden’s Staff to get across

Kotal Kahn’s Sword

  • Switch Passage Area (Past Reptile’s Claw in the Spider Kave map)
  • Coordinates (15,19)
  • There are 4 levers to pull and you must do them in the correct order to open the door.
    • Each lever has a different number of spiders shown.
    • The correct order is: 4, 1, 3, 2.
  • Go through the door to get Kotal Kahn’s Sword (22,34)

Kenshi’s Katana

  • Switch Passage Area (Opposite of Kotal Kahn’s Sword)
  • Coordinates (5,40)
  • Must use Kotal Kahn’s sword at (6,35) to reach Kenshi’s Katana

Liu Kang’s Fireball

  • Shao Kahn’s Tomb Area (Extra map, get there by going to coordinates -2,21 from the starting map)
  • Coordinates (0,6)
  • Must use Kenshi’s Sword to enter the tomb
  • This also lets you get to the White Lotus Temple area in the Krypt
    • The White Lotus Temple is at the starting map at coordinates (-20,4)

Ermac’s Pendant

  • Shao Kahn’s Tomb Area (Northwestern part)
  • Coordinates (-5,18)
  • Activate the lever at (-8,14) on your way to Ermac’s Pendant, this is required for the next inventory item.
    • Must have Sub-zero’s Ice Ball to reach the first switch.
  • Continue down the path after Ermac’s Pendant to pull the last two levers.
    • Must have Ermac’s Pendant and Reptile’s Claw to reach them

Jax’s Rocket Launcher

  • Kahn’s Stronghold Area (Benginning of Shao Kahn’s Tomb map)
  • Coordinates (0,12)
  • Must activate the 3 switches by pulling levers mentioned in Ermac’s Pendant location.

Netherrealm Kamidogu

  • Shrine Entrance (Starting map)
  • Coordinates (-11,12)
  • Must use Jax’s Rocket Launcher to get in
  • Bet 10,000 Koins at the statue inside to get the item.
    • You get 10,000 for getting in with Jax’s Rocket Launcher

  • This also lets you access the Netherrealm area.
    • The Netherrealm Gate is in the starting map at coordinates (-24,18)

That’s it for the Krypt inventory item locations.  Be sure to check my Beginner’s Guide for more tips and links to other Mortal Kombat X guides.

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