Mortal Kombat X Guide: Kitana Kombat Tips and Kombos

Check this guide out for basic game play and kombo tips for Kitana in Mortal Kombat X!
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Kitana is one of my two favorite characters in Mortal Kombat X, my other being Mileena, and she has some cool things she can do. Her signature bladed fans are always good at setting up combos, but she has even more tools with the introduction of variations. One of them, Mournful, uses Jade’s staff and glaive since Jade is not in the game.

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I’ll go over some basics on using Kitana and some combos you can practice until you can pull them off in a real fight. Please visit my Fatalities and Brutalities part 1 and part 2 guides for info on finishing moves.

This guide will go over Kitana basics including:

  • Basic Play Style – What Kitana is good at and what you should take advantage of when playing as her.
  • Kombos – Sample kombos to practice for Kitana.

Basic Play Style

Like every character in Mortal Kombat X, Kitana has 3 variations. These variations change the way you play the characters, sometimes slightly, and sometimes drastically.

I’ll tell you some basics things about her, then give a few tips on using each variation.

All Variations

Every variation uses Kitana’s fans in her kombos and she has her Upraise special attack (Down, Back, 1) that lifts people in the air. Upraise is good to put into kombos and set up for them.

Throat Slice (Back, Forward, 3) is a great kombo finisher that every variation has as well.

Kitana is good at stopping the opponent with her throwing fans and Upraise attack. You can keep your distance or move up close in all variations. Her Mournful variation does not have the Fan Toss to stun enemies and instead has Glaive toss, more on that soon.

Royal Storm

This variation play more like Kitana in previous games. She has a Square Boost (Down, Back, 3) that pushes her forward into an attack, Bounce Back (Down, Back, 4) to reflect projectiles, and her Upraise becomes Fan-Nado.

Fan-Nado adds a light range to the Upraise. If you meter burn it, it gets full-screen distance range. This is great for trapping people and adding more to kombos.

Royal Storm is great for the best ranged control for Kitana, she still has Fan Toss and the added range of Fan-Nado gives her two ranged control attacks. Her Bounce Back keeps projectiles away.


Royal Storm kombos are similar to what you use in Assassin because they both have the Fan Toss.

  • A basic kombo starter for all variations is Finding Truth (Forward and 1, 1, 2). This is a 3-hit, 12% kombo that knocks the opponent in the air slightly.
    • Follow this up with Fan Toss (Down, Forward, 1) to keep the enemy in the air for more kombo opportunities.
    • While they are in the air with fan toss, you can dash to use Rightful Heir (Forward and 4, 3) to knock them in the air behind you.
  • Another starter is Finding Truth kombo into a Fan-Nado
    • This kombo works better with Royal Storm because sometimes the opponent is just out of range for a normal Upraise, and the small distance boost from Fan-Nado makes it work 100% of the time.

I personally like this variation the most because of the damage potential and Princess Parry (Down, Back, 4). Sharpen (Down, Forward, 4) increases her damage for a short time. Doing this before kombos gives a nice boost to damage.

Another move unique to Assassin is Assassin Strike (Down, Back, 3). This makes Kitana run forward into a 2 hit, 12% attack and is a great kombo finisher.

You can hold the parry to block high and mid attacks and automatically counter.


My favorite Kombo with Assassin involves two Fan Tosses and an Assassin strike finisher

  • A standard kombo is (Forward and 1, 1, 2, Fan Toss, Jump forward kick, Fan Toss, Assassin strike). This is a 30% kombo without meter burn and Assassin Strike makes it easy to land the last hit since you don’t have to dash to use it.

This variation changes Kitana a lot because she doesn’t have Fan Toss anymore for Kombos. She has Glaive Throw instead, and it doesn’t keep people in the air for kombos.

Glaive Throw gives you more control over your projectile by letting you aim it up or down when throwing. It also goes down when in the air, instead of straight. This lets you hit people easier when jumping.

She also has Shadow Kick (Down, Forward, 4) and Staff Grab (Down, Back, 3).

This a good variation for making your ranged attacks easier to hit and for using the Staff Grab as a kombo finisher.


This variation is harder because you can’t use Fan Toss, so most kombos involve using Upraise and the Rightful Heir kombo. 

  • A basic kombo would be (Forward and 1, 1, 2, Upraise, Rightful Heir, Staff Grab) for 25%.

This wraps up my Kitana Kombat Tips and Kombos guide. There are many things you can do with the characters of Mortal Kombat X so be sure to try different things if these don’t work for you. Check out my Beginner’s guide for more tips and links to other guides.

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