If you're wondering how to seek the name of shells in Mortal Shell, this guide tells you how to do just that, as well as how to get the tar you need to unlock each class skill tree.

Mortal Shell: How to Seek Name

If you're wondering how to seek the name of shells in Mortal Shell, this guide tells you how to do just that, as well as how to get the tar you need to unlock each class skill tree.

Each of Mortal Shell‘s classes has a name. To take full advantage of a shell’s abilities and skills, you need to know how to seek that name. It’s possible to play all of Mortal Shell without a class or without spending tar or glimpses in a shell’s skill tree. But it makes the game much harder. 

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When you find a shell, you won’t have access to its abilities until you learn the shell’s name.

To do that, go to Fallgrim Tower wearing the shell you want to seek the name of. Speak with Sester Genessa, and pay her the required amount of tar (which I’ve listed for each shell below).

You can find Genessa on the bottom level of the tower by the crypt, the same place you can also change shells. When she asks if you want to sip the Diving Tar, say “Yes.” 

This will bring up the abilities wheel for the shell you’re currently wearing. “Seek Name” will be to the right of the wheel, alongside information about how much tar is needed to seek the name. Luckily, you won’t need glimpses for these initial upgrades. 

Press and hold “X” on PS4, “A” on XB1, or LMB on PC to reveal the identity of each class. Here’s how much it costs for each character: 

  • Harros, the Vassal: 250 tar
  • Solomon, the Scholar: 500 tar
  • Eredrim, the Venerable: 500 tar
  • Tiel, the Acolyte: 500 tar

You’ll easily farm this much tar from the enemies and bosses in Fallgrim, especially if you’re seeking out each of the four shells early on. Upgrade your Hallowed Sword and pick up the Tarnished Seal from Fallgrim tower so you can parry, and you’ll make short work of it.

Here’s how much tar each enemy in Fallgrim drops: 

  • Brigand: 22 tar
  • Brigand Ranger: 26 tar
  • Nocteserper: 28 tar
  • Stone Slinger: 26 tar
  • Sturdyman: 52 tar

There is only a small handful of Nocteserpers in the opening area, and it’s not clear if they respawn like other enemies and mobs. I’ve cleared out a cave of them, but they have yet to return. 

There are also two minor bosses in Fallgrim that provide a good chunk of tar: 

  • Ven Noctivagu: 356 tar
  • Grisha: 750 tar

You can also speak with Thestus at Fallgrim Tower to summon the green mist to the area. This will spawn higher-level enemies, including multiple Grisha mini-bosses and Nocteserpers. However, you must acquire a gland before Thestus appears at the tower. 

That’s all you need to know about how to seek the name of a shell in Mortal Shell. For more tips and walkthroughs, head here. Mortal Shell is out on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One now. 

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