My Hero Ultra Rumble: How to Unlock Toga

This is how to unlock the transforming villain Himiko Toga in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

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There are plenty of good-natured characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble, but the series is also known for its villains. Two are available from the start, but one of the most memorable is locked away. Here’s how to unlock Toga in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

How to Unlock Toga in My Hero Ultra Rumble

To unlock Himiko Toga, you’ll need to level up your Special License to Rank 15. This is separate from the seasonal Hero and Pro licenses, which fill the role of battlepasses. Increasing the rank of the special license can be a major grind, as it takes 30,000 XP just to reach Rank 1. You’ll be unlocking Bakugo and Todoroki a lot sooner than this knife-throwing villain.

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How to Play Toga Good in MHUR

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Toga is one of two technical characters available at launch, but it’s worth learning how she plays. Quick attacks and a unique transformation quirk make her a deadly combatant, unlike anyone else on the roster. It’s not uncommon to see her high on tier lists among the likes of Katsuki Bakugo and Momo Yaoyorozu. An effective Toga player will benefit from knowing how other characters work as well, though.

Quirk Skills

  • Jagged Throwing Knife A knife throw that has a long range. Holding the button down throws multiple.
  • Slasher Killer Knife A melee attack that will lead to a rush-down multi-strike combo if the initial hit lands. 
  • Blood Sucker Transform Throws syringes out, dealing damage and drawing their blood if it lands. Over the next few seconds, you can either hold the button to discard this stock of blood or press it to transform into the hit enemy and use their skills. Crouching two times will cancel the transformation. 

Special Action

  • Blood Sucker When an opponent is downed, using this will inject them with a syringe. Functions otherwise the same as the Blood Sucker quirk skill.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Toga in My Hero Ultra Rumble. If you’re curious about the rest of the roster, you can find out how to play them through our character unlock guide. All other mechanic breakdowns and tips can be found at our MHUR guides hub.

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