My Time at Sandrock: How to get Advanced Mechanical Scrap 

Here's how to get Advanced Mechanical Scrap

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My Time at Sandrock will have you looking for plenty of different materials throughout your adventure. Some are used to craft important items, while others are used as gifts. Not all are easy to find. Here’s how to get Advanced Mechanical Scrap.

How to Get Advanced Mechanical Scrap in My Time at Sandrock

Advanced Mechanical Scrap is a little different than your average garden variety scrap. It can’t be found in some of the normal places you might look. Like most other things in My Time at Sandrock, there’s no big red arrow pointing to its location.

  • To locate it, dig through the junk piles you find throughout the world, in areas like Whispering Valley and the Scrapyard.

While those are two locations in which I can confirm Advanced Mechanical Scrap shows up the most, it’s still a rare find. I’ve had to dig through a few junkpiles without finding any for a while. So be patient as you scrounge through the trash.

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How to Recycle Advanced Mechanical Scrap

Once you have Advanced Mechanical Scrap you’ll need a Civil Recycler, which is the upgraded version of the Recycler. To upgrade it, you’ll need:

  • Bronze Frame x1
  • Bloodstone Saws x1
  • Bronze Bars x2
  • Bearing x1 
  • Machine Upgrade Kit

Alternatively, you can also build a Civil Recycler without upgrading by giving 16 Data Disks to Qi at the Research Center. After four in-game days, you’ll get the blueprint for it. To build it, you’ll need:

  • Bronze Frame x2
  • Bloodstone Saws x1
  • Bronze Bars x6 
  • Bearing x2
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After you have your Civil Recycler, you can use it to recycle your Advanced Mechanical Scrap. When you recycle it, you have the chance of getting the following items:

  • Dregs
  • Condensed Power Stone
  • Transmission Shaft 
  • Pressure Gauge 

That’s how to get Advanced Mechanical Scrap in My Time at Sandrock. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on the sequel to My Time at Portia, check out our dedicated guides hub, where you can find articles on how to get Fluorite and how to get better at Critters.

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