Here's how to fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Ooblets so you can start earning friendship points with Badgetown's residents.

Ooblets Friendship Sticker Printypress Guide

Here's how to fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Ooblets so you can start earning friendship points with Badgetown's residents.

Once you fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Ooblets, you’ll be able to start earning friendship points with the residents of Badgetown, either through speaking with them or giving them gifts. Each of the 16 townsfolk has six unique stickers, alongside a number of other useful rewards and funky cosmetics.  

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To start work on the Printypress, you’ll first have to beat the Clickyclaw in the town hall via the sacred rights of the dance-off. After that, Mayor Tinstle will give you your first set of tasks, one of which is speaking with Arah about the Printypress. 

With the town hall in front of you and the wishywell behind you, take the steps to the left. Go left at the top. Arah’s house the dark purple house on the right, just past the house with the white picket fence. Go inside. 

The Printypress is against the wall on the right-hand side of the room. Interact with it to begin the task. 

Arah's house is the dark purple house next to the house with the white picket fence.

You’ll need six sporbets, 10 nurnies, and one sweetiebeetie. It’s anyone’s guess why veggies/fruit are needed to fix a pinrting press, but here we are. Gather the needed items and deposit them in the wooden box outside of Arah’s house. 

Sporbets are pinkish-orange mushrooms that grow on the groin in groups of three. They’re all over town, but check around houses, in the town square, and the small grassy area with trees in front of Kibbonbon (the clothing store). 

Nurnies are easy to find. All you have to do is smash rocks on your farm. You’ll get at least one if not four or five for each rock you smash. You could sea dangle for a nurny bundle, but the discovery rate for nurny bundles while sea dangling is excruciatingly low. 

Finally, you should have already planted several sweetiebeeties by this point. Simply wait three days for them to grow and pick one. If you want to speed up the process, use speedy grow or speedy grow pro, both of which you can find by sea dangling. 

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That’s all you need to know about getting the Friendship Sticker Printypress back online. Now you can start befriending townsfolk and getting sweet swag and useful items for your farm, including the spiffy bowtie and monocle, as well as two basic sprinklers. For more on Ooblets, be sure to check the links above. 

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