Everything you need to know about how to fix Gimble's hot air balloon and get to Mamoonia in Ooblets.

Ooblets: How to Fix Gimble’s Hot Air Balloon

Everything you need to know about how to fix Gimble's hot air balloon and get to Mamoonia in Ooblets.

Much like the Friendship Sticker Printypress, fixing Gimble’s hot air balloon in Ooblets is pretty straightforward. However, there is a slight difference that may make you think you’ve done something wrong. 

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Gimble’s hot air balloon is the only mode of transport between Badgetown and Mamoonia, the other available area in Ooblets‘ early access period. You’ll find the balloon on the far western side of the map, to the left of Arah’s house. 

If you can’t find it for any reason, go to the town map to the left of Meed’s Seeds and look for the big red and white hot air balloon.

Though you can find Gimble as soon as you get off of the boat in Badegtown, you won’t be able to repair the hot air balloon until after you’ve restored power to the Oobnet tower, which is in Mayor Tinstle’s second set of tasks after you:

  • Repair your farmhouse
  • Fix the Printypress
  • Scan your first ooblet
  • Reconstitoot the mystery cans

How to Repair GImble’s Hot Air Balloon

The Badgetown city map showing the location of Gimble's balloon.

To repair Gimble’s hot air balloon, Ole Burpy, you’ll need 20 planklets, eight clothlets, 12 nurnies, and one oobsidian. 

You should already know how to get most of these, but you get planklets from chopping up wood, clothlets by foraging or farming, nurnies from breaking rocks on your farm, and oobsidian from random sources, such as breaking rocks as well. 

It’s worth noting that I’ve found three random pieces of oobsidian while exploring: one in a house, one on the beach, and one under a tree near the town square. So keep a look out! 

Once you have all of the necessary materials, dump them in the wooden box in front of the hot air balloon. Unlike most other repairs you’ve completed in Ooblets, you’ll have to wait a full day for Gimble to repair the Ole Burpy.

The day you give Gimble the materials does not count; you’ll have to play one more subsequent day. Once the balloon is upright and fired up, you’re free to travel to Mamoonia. 

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That’s all you need to know about how to fix Gimble’s hot air balloon in Ooblets. Unfortunately, the game’s other areas, Nullwhere and Port Forward, aren’t available yet. But once they do open up, Gimble’s balloon will be the way to get to each location. For more on Ooblets, be sure to check out the links above. 

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