Ooblets: How to Get Bean Juice

Bean Juice is the best overall drink in Ooblets. Here's how to get it.

Bean Juice is the best overall drink in Ooblets. Here's how to get it.
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Among the four drinks available in Ooblets, Bean Juice is one of the most preferred because it returns a good bit of energy and its speed boost effects are stackable. Early in the game, it’s hard to come by, but it becomes much more plentiful as you play — if you stay focused on making friends, that is.

This Ooblets guide will tell you how to make Bean Juice and how to get some for performing other tasks. 

Preparing Bean Juice

Bean Juice is made from Ground Springbeans. However, you will still need to purchase the Bean Juice recipe from the Wishy Well for 50 Wishies to be able to make it.

Where to Find Ground Springbeans

First, grow Springbeans on your farm and harvest them. Typically, the Springbean growth period is roughly five days (which can be sped up by using Speedy Grow), and each seed produces around three Springbeans.

You can purchase Springbean seeds at the Meed’s Seeds in Badgetown for six Gummies a piece after you’ve purchased the shop’s first expansion upgrade from the Wishy Well.

Once you have some Spring beans you can grind them in the Crunchster. You should already have a Crunchster at this point in the game (a gift from Sprin on Day 5), but if not, it can be crafted using the following recipe at the Fabricuter in Manatwee furniture shop:

  • 10 Nurnies.
  • 10 Planklets.
  • 1 Oobsidian.

You can also purchase Ground Springbeans at the Cuddlecups Cafe for 16 Gummies each, but it’s not advised to spend your money on them since the ROI is so low.

How to Prepare Bean Juice

Once you have at least one portion of Ground Springbeans, you can prepare Bean Juice at the Kettle and Cup, which can be purchased in Cuddlecups Cafe for 1,500 Gummies. Put the Ground Springbeans into the crafting station and wait. 

Raise Friendship Levels for Bean Juice

As you play through Ooblets, you will get rewards for increasing your friendship levels with the residents of Badgetown. Make sure to speak with them every day, complete their quests, and give them gifts once you unlock the Hankerbot in the Lernery. 

Each new level of friendship you achieve comes with rewards; many of them are Bean Juice. For example, you will get x10 Bean Juice by raising Dubile’s Friendship level to Level 1, and x4 Bean Juice from multiple NPCs at multiple levels. 

Buy Bean Juice

You can buy this drink from Cuddlecups Cafe for 30 Gummies, but just as it’s not advised to buy Springbeans from the shop, it is best not to spend your hard-earned Gummies buying Bean Juice. 

Bean Juice Buffs

  • +40 energy.
  • 15% speed boost for 60 seconds.

Note that you can also simply purchase the ready-made Bean Juice at the Cuddlecups Cafe for 30 Gummies each, or if you have a surplus, then you can sell it for 15 Gummies.

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