Ooblets: How to Craft and Use Oobcoop

Here's everything you need to know about building and upgrading Oobcoops in Ooblets.

You need an Oobcoop in Ooblets to make the most of your little home buddies. It's a structure placed on your farm that allows your Ooblets to help out with farming and cleaning. There are four Oobcoop tiers, granting more help with each upgrade, but you've got to build the initial tier to get started.

This Ooblets guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting Oobcoop blueprints and stationing Ooblets to help you farm. 

Crafting and Using Oobcoops

Oobcoop Level 1

Although this is the very first level for the building, it is the hardest one to get because you must wait for the Fabricuter to become available at Manatwee Furniture Shop (found to the right of Churles' clothing store) and have enough Wishies from completing badges and other challenges to purchase the blueprint. To craft an Oobcoop, make sure that you have the following ingredients first:

  • 3 Clothlets.
  • 15 Nurnies.
  • 10 Planklets.
  • 1 Oobsidian.

Then, follow these steps to build your first Oobcoop:

  1. Purchase Oobcoop Level 1 blueprint at the Wishy Well for 100 wishies.
  2. Go to the Manatwee furniture shop.
  3. Interact with the Fabricuter on the far left side of the shop. 
  4. Craft Oobcoop Level 1 at the Fabricuter.
  5. Return to your farm. 
  6. Enter Farming Mode.
  7. Place the crafted Oobcoop.

There are eight square plots around each Oobcoop that can be tilled and used for growing crops like Clothlets or various Ooblet seeds. These are the effects and functions for Level 1 Oobcoops:

  • Increase crop growth rate by 5%.
  • Ooblets remove twigs, logs, rocks, and weeds from surrounding plots.
    • Assign 1 Ooblet

How to Assign Ooblets to Oobcoops

Ooblets must be assigned to your Home Babies group before they can be assigned to an Oobcoop; you cannot put an Ooblet to work if they are following you around. Eventually, the game will force you to build Oobcoops to cultivate any Ooblets, no matter which group they are part of.

To move an Ooblet to your Home Babies: 

  • Open your inventory from anywhere. 
  • Select the Ooblets tab. 
  • Hover over an Ooblet. 
  • Select "Manage." 
  • Click "Send Home" in the options that appear on the right. 

To assign an Ooblet to an Oobcoop: 

  • Go to an Oobcoop on your Farm. 
  • Go inside the Oobcoop.
  • Interact with the empty square in the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Select an Ooblet from the menu that appears. 

Oobcoops can be moved around your farm after you place them, but you must first remove the assigned Ooblet. Assigning a Gleamy Ooblet to an Oobcoop has a chance of producing Oobsidian at random

How to Upgrade Your Oobcoops

Oobcoop Level 2

To upgrade your Oobcoops, first purchase the Oobcoop Level 2 blueprint from the Wishy Well for 100 Wishies. There's no need to go to the furniture store; instead, go up to your Oobcoop, and interact with it to crawl inside. Once inside, press the button assigned to "Upgrade Oobcoop" in the bottom right portion of the screen.

You will see the necessary upgrade ingredients; select "Yuh" beneath the ingredients to upgrade the Oobcoop. 

For Level 2, you will need: 

  • 4 Clothlets.
  • 20 Nurnies.
  • 12 Planklets.
  • 1 Oobsidian.

These are the effects and functions for Level 2 Oobcoops:

  • Increase crop growth by 10%.
  • Water crops.
  • Remove twigs, logs, rocks, and weeds.
    • Assign 2 Ooblets.

Oobcoop Level 3

Once again, purchase Oobcoop Level 3 blueprint, and use the following recipe to craft it:

  • 4 Clothlets.
  • 25 Nurnies.
  • 14 Planklets.
  • 1 Oobsidian.

These are the effects and functions for Level 3 Oobcoops:

  • Increase crop growth by 20%.
  • Water crops.
  • Harvest crops.
  • Remove twigs, logs, rocks, and weeds.
    • Assign up to 3 Ooblets.

Oobcoop Level 4

The last bluprint will allow you to craft your Oobcoop Level 4 using this recipe:

  • 5 Clothlets.
  • 30 Nurnies.
  • 16 Planklets.
  • 1 Oobsidian.

These are the effects and functions for Level 4 Oobcoops:

  • Increase crop growth by 40%.
  • Water crops.
  • Harvest crops.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Remove twigs, logs, rocks, and weeds.
    • Assign up to 4 Ooblets.

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Published Sep. 12th 2022

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