Palia: How to Catch a Cerulean Cicada

The Cerulean Cicada can be hard to spot and catch in Palia.

Cerulean Cicada is an interesting insect that only comes out of its home along the trees every so often in Palia, a bit like real life. It can be given as a liked item to Auni, but Elouisa sometimes requests it as a weekly want. If you’re having a hard time finding one, here’s how to catch a Cerulean Cicada in Palia.

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How to Catch a Cerulean Cicada in Palia

As with all Cicadas, you’ll find the Cerulean Cicada chilling on Heartwood trees throughout Bahari Bay. They’ll look like they’re floating just in front of the tree instead of actually on it, but that makes them a bit easier to spot. The image below has a Common Bark Cicada circled to show how they’ll appear.

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The Cerulean Cicada can only be caught at dawn, so that’s when you’ll want to go bug hunting. Since it has bright blue coloring, it stands out against the darker bark of Heartwood trees. It is an uncommon insect so it may take a few days hunting to actually find one. I had my most success finding them in Thorny Thicket, especially around Tamala’s house.

I suggest using a Smoke Candle to avoid scaring it off. If you’re like me you just run around until you find something, which isn’t the best tactic, it startles all the bugs. While cicadas are generally slow, you can easily mistake a Cerulean Cicada for a dragonfly or butterfly at a quick glance. Once encountered, I used a Sticky Smoke Bomb to further slow it down, especially if I reacted slowly to its presence.

That’s how to catch a Cerulean Cicada in Palia. The main thing is to lookout for a blue bug hovering need Heartwood trees during dawn. For other item locations, such as Dari Cloves, different fish, or shells, look through our extensive guide hub.

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