Palia: How to Find Heartwood

Heartwood is needed to make furniture in Palia. Here's where to find it.

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Heartwood is the second type of wood you can harvest in Palia. A darker wood, it has its own plank recipe and is used in higher tier crafting recipes. It’s not entirely obvious which trees are Heartwood trees, though. In this guide we’ll go over how to find Heartwood in Palia.

How to Find Heartwood in Palia

You’ll find that you’re going to need Heartwood for a variety of things:

Just cutting down the trees increases your Foraging skill. But Heartwood isn’t found on your home plot like Sapwood is. In order to find Heartwood trees you have to head to Bahari Bay. They are extremely common throughout the area. Look for the evergreen-like trees with darker bark and deep green leaves. While you can obtain sapwood from a variety of different appearing trees, this is the type to drop heartwood.

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Like Sapwood, the size of tree you can cut depends on the axe you’re using. Small, stick like growths can be cut right away while the large trees need the Fine Axe to bring down. When chopped, they have a chance to drop pinecones that you can plant on your plot if you like the evergreen look. This can count towards Hassian’s Prove your Devotion quest, as well. These trees often have Cicadas on or around their trunks, unlike sapwood.

That’s how to obtain heartwood in Palia. It’s a useful item for crafting as well as necessary in completing two quests. Tish and Hodari both accept it as a gift and will occasionally ask for it as a weekly want. If you need other items that you can’t find, check out our Palia guide hub. We have all fish and bug locations, how to get leather, and all the weekly wants villagers are requesting.

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