Palia: How to Complete Half Boiled

You need to do a little cooking to complete the Hard Boiled quest in Palia.

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If you want to be able to cook all the recipes in Palia, you’ll need to complete the quest Half Boiled. Started in Kilima Valley, you may have this quest sitting in your journal without even knowing you had it. Since you need to hunt down the shreds of paper, however, it can be harder to learn what you need to make it than actually prepare the dish. Here’s how to complete Half Boiled in Palia.

How to Complete Half Boiled in Palia

Half Boiled is a found item quest involving two pieces of the recipe for Palian Onion Soup. It’s an easy to cook dish that plays a part in Eshe’s level four Friendship quest. It’s a soup, which means Reth likes it as a present, and it’s oft asked for as a Weekly Want.

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The first part of the recipe, and typically what triggers the Half Boiled quest, is found on Einar’s dock. It’s located on the lower part, near the stand on the left side. The Galdur often stands right near it, making it easier to find than the second piece.

With the beginning of Palian Onion Soup in hand, you need to find the second piece. While it may seem like the part is far away, it’s actually still located on the dock. This time it’s up the small staircase, laying in front of a the wooden barrels on the right side. There can be other papers on the dock that you can’t interact with, which makes it tricky to find the correct one.

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Palia Onion Soup

Finding both pieces grants you Palian Onion Soup, which gives 100 Focus for a normal quality dish. For star quality soup, you’ll get 150 Focus for eating it. To make the meal, you’ll need a Stove and Prep Station, plus the following ingredients:

  • Flour x1
  • Onion x1
  • Wild Garlic x1

That’s how to complete Half Boiled in Palia, a found item quest that rewards you with the recipe for Palian Onion Soup. For a complete list of all Palian recipes, as well as where to find them, check out our guide library.

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