Palia: How to Complete Spread the Word

Handing out flyers in Palia is harder than it sounds. Here's how to complete Spread the Word.

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Zeki isn’t just the owner of the Kilima Valley general store in Palia. As a Grimalkin, he has access to a variety of magical objects normally frowned upon and outlawed in Majiri society. Sectioned away for sale in the Underground, he asks you to aid him in telling others about the secret store in the quest Spread the Word. Here’s who you can give the flyers to and how to complete Spread the Word in Palia.

How to Complete Spread the Word in Palia

Spread the Word is a Level 2 friendship quest for Zeki. He wants to help the other new humans find the Underground. Giving you three flyers to hand out, his main warning is to not let Eshe know that the Underground exists.

To hand out the flyers, you have to find the right villagers who will take one. Unlike other quests where you simply let the person know you have items for a quest and they take them, you must gift the flyer to them. This takes up your daily gift for that person, so you may want to give it to villagers you don’t have a Weekly Want or a loved gift for. The flyers do count as a normal gift, so it will still increase your friendship some.

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Villagers That Will Accept a Flyer

These are the villagers that will take a flyer.

  • Ashura
  • Auni
  • Caleri
  • Chayne
  • Einar
  • Elouisa
  • Hekla
  • Jel
  • Kenyatta
  • Nai’o
  • Tamala

I gave the flyers to Tamala, Hekla, and Elouisa. All three were happy to accept them, unlike Einar, who is uninterested, and Nai’o, who doesn’t have any money. When all three items are gifted, return to Zeki. He’ll reward you with 400 gold, and you’ll get 20 Renown along with the friendship increase.

That’s how to complete Spread the Word in Palia. If you’re struggling with other quests, such as Echoes of the Unknown, check out our guides library. We also have item locations, where to find certain bugs and who you can romance.

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