Palia: How to Get Starstones

There are a variety of Starstones to find in Palia.

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If you find gems in your inventory, you have acquired different, highly valuable, Starstones. Found throughout Bahari Bay and Kilima Valley, this is how to get Starstones in Palia.

Where to Find Starstones in Palia

Starstones are gems that randomly drop from mining nodes. They’re added to your inventory at the same time as the stone, ore, flint, or clay when the deposit breaks apart. No matter where in Palia you’re mining, there’s a chance of a Starstone dropping.

Added to boost the earning potential from mining, selling them isn’t the only thing they’re good for. Villagers love them, especially when you gift them the gem that matches their Star Path. You’ll be rewarded with unique dialogue as well as a significant Friendship increase. You’re only able to take advantage of this weekly, with it resetting Sunday at 9 p.m. PST.

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Starstone Rarities

There’s a total of 10 different types of Starstones spanning multiple rarities. Each can be sold for a specific amount, easily earning you over 10,000 gold. I almost earned 15,000 gold on the first day Starstones were introduced in the game.

Uncommon Starstones

  • Garnet: 400 gold
    • Dropped from Iron nodes
  • Quartz: 250 gold
    • Acquired from Clay or Copper nodes

Rare Starstones

  • Aquamarine: 800 gold
    • Dropped from Iron nodes
  • Citrine: 600 gold
    • Acquired from Clay or Stone nodes
  • Onyx: 500 gold
    • Acquired from Copper nodes

Epic Starstones

  • Amethyst: 2,000 gold
    • Acquired from Palium nodes
  • Emerald: 1,000 gold
    • Obtained from Copper nodes
  • Jasper: 800 gold
    • Drops from Stone nodes
  • Sapphire: 1,500 gold
    • Acquired from Iron nodes

Legendary Starstone

  • Ruby: 5,000 gold
    • Acquired when mining Palium nodes

That’s how to get Starstones in Palia, along with their values when sold. If you’re looking for other ways to make money, how to complete different quests, or make friends with NPCs, head to our guide vault for assistance.

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