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Palia: What Are Star Paths? Explained

Star Paths are part of Majiri custom in Palia. Here's what we know about them so far.

In the October 2023 dev blog post, more about constellations and astrology of the Majiri was revealed. This is what we currently know about Star Paths and night sky spirituality in Palia.

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Star Paths in Palia Explained — What Is This New Exciting Feature?

Star Paths draw from night sky, assigning your Luna Moon sign through Majiri astrology. Looking at various constellations, Star Paths combine the season you were born during, along with your Luna Moon phase. This results in a different elemental archetype

Similar to our astrology, Star Paths can help you understand yourself better, learn others’ personalities, or predict the future.

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The community was only just introduced to Star Paths, so little is known about them beyond Maji and Embra moons and the constellations associated with temples. Palian astrology will be evolving and playing more of a role in the game as it further develops.

More information can be found in the library as Caleri has ordered a tome on Star Paths. It’s located in the middle section on the table near Kenyatta’s hang out spot. The book on the left is the one you want, since there are multiple that can be read there. Titled Finding Your Luna Sign, it’s volume one of Astrology and You, including how the elements and seasons tie into things.

  • Spring: Water
    • Thoughtful
    • Calm
    • Analytical
    • Anxious
  • Summer: Fire
    • Optimistic
    • Enthusiastic
    • Active
    • Impulsive
  • Fall: Air
    • Relaxed
    • Observant
    • Playful
    • Humorous
  • Winter: Earth
    • Confident
    • Practical
    • Patient
    • Blunt

Starstones Explained

Starstones are an aspect of Star Paths. Much like we have birth stones, the gems are associated with a person’s Star Path. While each villager is unique, there are basic personality traits that the gems correspond to.

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Starstone Correspondence Chart

  • Amethyst: The Aristocrat
    • Diplomacy, Beauty
    • Born during a Waxing Gibbous Moon
  • Aquamarine: The Scholar
    • Dedication, Introspection
    • Born during a Luna or Sun Eclipse
  • Citrine: The Wanderer
    • Love for Adventure, Carefree, Sunny Days
    • Born during the New Moon
  • Emerald: The Hunter
    • Curiosity, Honesty
    • Born during a Full Moon
  • Garnet: The General
    • Leadership, Perseverance
    • Born during the Last Quarter Moon
  • Jasper: The Farmer
    • Love of Family, Hard Work
    • Born during the Waxing Crescent Moon
  • Onyx: The Watcher
    • Destiny, Greatness; Cursed (sometimes)
    • Born during a Moon-on-Moon Eclipse
  • Quartz: The Builder
    • Steadfastness, Respect
    • Born during a Waning Gibbous Moon
  • Ruby: The Merchant
    • Intelligence, Ambition
    • Born during the First Quarter Moon
  • Sapphire: The Artist
    • Creativity, Emotion
    • Born during a Waning Crescent Moon

With the season and phase of the moon combined, you get your particular Star Path. I’m a Fiery Artist, being born in the summer during a waning crescent moon. We can also figure out what season every villager was born during, thanks to the element they represent during conversations. Tish was born in the summer, while Reth was boring during the fall, for example.

Confirmed Starstone Recipients

Give these Star Stones to the right person, and it’ll be treated as a love gift complete with it’s own unique dialogue. Not everyone will accept the gem that seems to represent their personality. I attempted to gift both Chayne and Jina an Aquamarine, symbolic of the Scholar, and they turned it down. Caleri, however, greatly appreciated the present.

As part of patch 0.173, wallpapers representing the different Starstones were introduced to the game. Giving a villager a present, including weekly wants, will result in them reciprocating with a wallpaper that matches their Star Path. There are 20 total, meaning Grimalkin and Galdur aren’t part of this piece of lore. If you’ve already handed out presents, they may start visiting your plot to drop of their own gift.

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  • Amethyst
    • Kenyatta: Light Amethyst Stucco Wall
    • Tamala: Royal Amethyst Stucco Wall
  • Aquamarine
    • Caleri: Icy Aquamarine Stucco Wall
    • Elouisa: Sea Aquamarine Stucco Wall
  • Citrine
    • Auni: Sandy Citrine Stucco Call
    • Reth: Sunset Citrine Stucco Wall
  • Emerald
    • Jina: Mossy Emerald Stucco Wall
    • Hassian: Leafy Emerald Stucco Wall
  • Garnet
    • Delaila: Rosy Garnet Stucco Wall
    • Hodari: Peachy Garnet Stucco Wall
    • Sifuu: Wine Garnet Stucco Wall
  • Jasper
    • Kenli: Sunny Jasper Stucco Wall
    • Nai’o: Earthy Jasper Stucco Wall
  • Onyx
    • Ashura: Inky Onyx Stucco Wall
  • Quartz
    • Chayne: Smoky Quartz Stucco Wall
    • Najuma: Cloudy Quartz Stucco Wall
    • Tish: Standard Stucco Wall
  • Ruby
    • Eshe: Blushing Ruby Stucco Wall
  • Sapphire
    • Badruu: Steel Sapphire Stucco Wall
    • Jel: Dark Sapphire Stucco Wall

While the wallpapers cover original residents of Kilima, it doesn’t include the latest arrival, Subira. I haven’t had a chance to give her an Onyx yet, but I think that’s the most likely Starstone since it matches her actual job title. Whether she gets her own wallpaper during the next update remains to be seen.

That’s all we know about Star Paths in Palia at this time. When more is revealed about the system, including any lore or new game mechanics, we’ll be sure to update this piece. In the meantime, check out our guide to getting Starstones, how to solve the temple quests, or what the current weekly wants are in our guide vault.

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