Palia: Where to Find Kenli’s Lost Sandwich

Finding Kenli's lost sandwich is part of a friendship quest in Palia.

Talking to Kenli in Palia will reveal a few things, particularly his love of food and his forgetfulness. Once you hit his second level of friendship, he’ll confide in you that he lost something very important, his sandwich. Seems he got distracted while eating and left it somewhere in the valley. This starts the quest Dire Circumstances, where you’re sole goal is to recover his meal. Here’s where to find Kenli’s lost sandwich in Palia.

Where to Find Kenli’s Lost Sandwich in Palia

If you ask Eshe, she’ll tell you that Kenli goes through cycles were he obsesses over a certain type of food. Currently it’s sandwiches, with her finding one in her personal bathtub. Him losing his lunch seems to be par for the course, and almost expected, by his family.

While the mayor of Kilima Valley doesn’t know where his sandwich could be, he does point you in the right direction. He sat down to eat his lunch in the shad somewhere near waterfalls that was surrounded by bunches of flowers.

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There’s really only one waterfall, or group of falls, in the valley, Phoenix Falls. I only figured this out after wandering around for quite some time, until it hit me to focus on the waterfalls aspect instead of the shady spot with flowers part. Head up the path towards where you materialized and you’ll end up seeing a nice gazebo surrounded with flowers. You’ll find his sandwich on a bench inside the gazebo. Pick it up and return it to the hungry mayor to complete the Dire Circumstances quest. As a reward, you’ll obtain:

  • Increased friendship with Kenli
  • Renown +15
  • Gold x300

That’s where to find Kenli’s lost sandwich in Palia and finish the Dire Circumstances friendship discovery quest. For help with other friendship quests, such as A Bouquet of Sunshine or Spread the Word, take a gander at our guide library. We also have the full list of weekly wants, how to romance villagers, and where to find all the fish.

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