Paper Mario: The Origami King Snifit Mood guide

Here's how to guess the Snifit mood in Paper Mario: Origami King the first time.

Here's how to guess the Snifit mood in Paper Mario: Origami King the first time.
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Trying to guess the Snifit mood in Paper Mario: The Origami King? Of course, you are. That’s why you’re here. 

As you play through Paper Mario: The Origami King, you’ll eventually come to a spot where you need a suite key to proceed, but where is it? Asking around Shroom City will reveal that key-finder Luigi has been browsing the shops around town, and searching for him will reveal that he has met with a terrible fate.

To free him, get the key, and proceed in the game, you’ll need to play a (mostly) rigged Snifit game run by a merchant who tasks you with guessing their Snifit mood. If you go into this section of the game unprepared, you’re likely to face a fair amount of frustration, so we’re here to help.

How to Guess the Snifit Mood

In the northwest corner of Shroom City, you’ll find a merchant’s booth decorated with a huge lamp. It’s stamped with a familiar-looking green L. Before you proceed and take part in the game, however, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Ensure you have over 1,100 coins
  • Save your game

The Snifit game will cost you, at most, 1,100 coins, and if you lose (or refuse to play a second round either by your own choice or due to lack of funds) it’ll be game over. It pays to be careful here.

The actual game, however, is fairly straightforward. First, you’ll pay the Snifit 100 coins, which will give you three chances at guessing their mood. Of course, since they’re wearing a mask, it’s impossible to tell what the mood actually is, and the correct answers are mostly randomized.

We recommend picking random answers for these guesses, although there have been reports that players have gotten lucky early by guessing “Sad Sniff” on their second guess. We have not been able to independently verify this, however, and when we tried, we were judged incorrect. 

If you haven’t guessed correctly by the end of the game, the Snifit game will continue, provided you pony up 1,000 more coins. Again, you must do this, or you’ll get an immediate game over.

The first two guesses will proceed in a similar fashion, with randomized correct answers (though we were able to get lucky early by choosing ‘Snickering Sniff’). Don’t worry though, the Snifit will tip their hand on the third guess. They’ll slip up and let out a tiny laugh right before your final guess, meaning their mood is “Snickering Sniff.” 

Picking that option won’t win you the advertised 10,000 coin prize, but it will allow you to free Luigi, collect the suite key. You can use it to proceed (and, for what it’s worth, find the infamous NSFW collectible No. 69. Nice.)

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