Paper Mario Origami King Can Opener Location

Can't find the Autumn Mountain boat captain? Our Paper Mario Origami King can opener location guide is here to help.

After you clear the Water Vellumental's temple in Paper Mario Origami King, there's one last hurdle to overcome before you can continue your journey: opening a can of tuna with the can opener.

It's a multi-step puzzle taking you through the Autumn Mountains' areas of long grass and uncovering a few lonely souls along the way. Our Paper Mario Origami King can opener location guide is here to get you through Autumn Mountain and back on the road.

Paper Mario Origami King Can Opener

If you're here because you can't find the Origami King boat captain or you're curious what the Origami King tuna cans are all about, they won't be important until later. The monkey near the cans just runs away from you, and you can't interact with it until you fill the lake with the Water Vellumental's power. But you can't find the Autumn Mountain boat captain until you deal with the monkey.

Here's what to do.

Once you've filled the lake, go over to the dock, and jump into the boat. This is a cutscene you'll have to trigger to move forward. Then head back to the tuna cans. Interact with the monkey to have the cheeky lil' critter chuck a can at you and run off.

That's fine. Just ignore it for now and enter the tall grass.

Paper Mario Origami King Party Guests

Look for the string of white "Z"s floating up, and follow them to find a lonely Spike Guy. He wants to attend a party, and lucky for him, you know where one's about to take place: Friendship Plaza. In case it slipped your mind, Friendship Plaza is where Bobby was hanging out with the sombrero Shy Guy.

Head southeast out of the grass fields, and you'll eventually get to the Plaza.

There's a problem, though. No one has a can opener to open the tuna Spike brought to the party. Back into the grass you go.

This time, stay towards the southern edge and follow the fence. You'll eventually see a big pillar near a clearing (shown above), and there's some shaking grass nearby. Interact with the grass to trigger a fairly easy Wave Battle, and once that's done, interact with the sweat drops you see above the grass.

With still no can opener in hand, go back to Friendship Plaza. There's a Goomba there who forgot its own can opener. So it decides to just use its teeth instead and does the same for your can. Problem solved.

Take your open can of tuna back to the stack of cans, and then smack the monkey with your hammer after the monkey starts eating. No, you aren't a monster. That monkey is the Toad boat captain who can take you away from Autumn Mountain.

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And that's all you need to know about the Paper Mario Origami King can opener location and how to get the Autumn Mountain boat up and running. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for our Paper Mario Origami King review and more guides in the coming days.


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Published Jul. 24th 2020

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