Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles Solution

Has the Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles got you stumped? We're here with the solution so you can get back to the adventure.

The newest Paper Mario game has plenty of optional bonuses and puzzles hidden away to discover, and the Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles is one of more useful ones. You'll find the House of Riddles in the Shogun Studios area on your quest to destroy the Blue Streamer.

But how to unlock the House of Riddles and what to do once you're actually in there is a bit of a, well... riddle. Wrack your brains no longer, though. Our Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles guide will walk you through it.

How to Unlock the Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles

You can technically find Origami King's House of Riddles early during your time in Shogun Studios. But you can't go inside until you've cleared the Studios and gotten the Chain Chomp Bone. Once all this is done, you'll receive the Master Key that unlocks the House of Riddles.

Whenever you decide to do it, finding the House of Riddles is worth your time because it gives you an extra five points to your HP meter.

Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles Solution

To access the Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles, you'll need to deal with a Paper Macho Koopa first. Climb onto the roof near the Photo Studio and follow the path until you find a ladder. Climb it, and strike the bell with your hammer.

This brings the Macho Koopa into the courtyard area. Deal with it the same as all the other Machos: keep away from it when it charges, and smack the back of it with your hammer.

Once that's taken care of, and assuming you have the Master Key, head west. Keep going west past the Save Block near the bridge, and follow the path to the last building on your left. Unlock the door, and head inside.

You'll find the curious sign pictured at the top of this post. It asks whether you can solve the riddle and then has a backwards string of text. That's your main clue for how to solve the riddle.

The House of Riddles solution is making each side of the room a perfect mirror image of the other. You'll do that by interacting with all the objects in the room, including the drawers and cushions.

The chest will unlock once you've finished, and you can grab your prize and skedaddle.

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That's it for our Paper Mario Origami King House of Riddles guide. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for our Paper Mario Origami King review and more guides in the coming days.


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Published Jul. 24th 2020

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