Party Animals: How to Throw

Channel your inner judo master and learn how to throw in Party Animals.

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Party Animals gives you plenty of vicious tools in your offensive arsenal to defeat your critter opponents. One of the core aspects of combat is throwing, whether chucking an object or executing some judo throws on other players. In this guide, we’ll show you how to throw in Party Animals.

How to Throw in Party Animals

Most maneuvers in Party Animals require a simple button input. However, throwing requires two inputs, similar to climbing. It involves grabbing and then charging a throw. This is how to throw in Party Animals:

  • Approach an object or player.
  • Grab them by holding down RT on Xbox, R2 on PS5, or the left mouse button on PC.
  • While holding grab press the throw button (X on Xbox, Square on PS5, and J or right-click on PC).

You can and should hold the throw button, as well, as it will charge up a much more powerful throw. The more you hold the button the greater the throwing distance once you release it up to a certain degree.

When grabbing players, they offer much more resistance, so knocking them down first helps a great deal. Once you grab a player and are holding the toss button, aim for an edge or other hazardous terrain quickly as you’ll drop them after a while. Combine grabbing and throwing with the dash to chuck players in your dashing direction.

Note that this maneuver only works on players and objects. You must always grab them first. Weapons can’t be tossed around, unfortunately.

That’s how to throw in Party Animals. Easy, right? We recommend practicing throwing in the Arcade mode or local co-op to get the hang of it. Remember, when trying to grab players it is better to mix in a few punches first. You can find more of our Party Animals tips right here, like our full control guide.

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