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Party Animals: How to Climb

Learn how to climb in Party Animals and improve your mobility around the map.

As you channel your inner adorable ragdoll critter and engage in merciless fluffy combat in Party Animals, you might’ve wondered about climbing. It’s a highly useful maneuver that can get you back into the arena or allow you to reposition for a surprise attack. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to climb in Party Animals.

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How to Climb in Party Animals

Climbing is an automatic action that requires holding down two buttons. To climb in Party Animals:

  • Approach a wall.
  • Grab it with R2 (PS5), RT (Xbox), or Left mouse (PC) and hold.
  • Then, hold the jump button (Triangle for PS5, Y for Xbox, and Spacebar for PC).

Your character will proceed to slowly climb the surface until you reach the top. That said, reaching the top can be a little janky, so be sure to aim your landing to avoid falling back down.

You can use climbing to get back to the arena when someone knocks you down. Additionally, reaching the high ground by climbing can open extra movement options, keep you safe, or allow you to attack from above.

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How to Climb Faster in Party Animals

Mastering climbing takes a little practice, but once you’re comfortable doing it, we have an extra tip for you. It’s possible to climb drastically faster in Party Animals with a little trick.

You may have noticed by now that climbing is essentially your character lifting themselves up a small leap at a time. The trick to climbing higher and faster is to press Headbutt just before lifting. This little animation hack will have you lifting yourself much higher.

The default button for the Headbutt move is B on Xbox, Circle on PS5, and either L or the middle mouse button on PC. For a more detailed controls guide in Party Animals, check out this controls article.

And that’s pretty much it. Now you know how to climb in Party Animals and are on your way to becoming a master. Feel free to utilize the climbing faster trick when you can. Practice makes perfect. If you found this article helpful, check out more of our Party Animals guides right here.

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