Payday 3: Best Ways to Grind Infamy Levels

Trying to build up your experience in Payday 3? Here's how to do it optimally.

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One of the biggest overhauls for Payday 3 is the progression system. It’s much simpler compared to its predecessor, although there are some caveats with how to increase your levels. While there are multiple ways to progress your character through the game, knowing which are the most optimal will only make your escapades more fruitful faster. Here are the best ways to grind Infamy Levels in Payday 3.

Best Way to Grind Infamy Levels in Payday 3

Focus on Challenges

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Due to the XP system being entirely challenge-based, your main objective with grinding infamy levels is to focus on challenges. Although most of the community is hoping for changes in the future, currently, there are no flat XP gains from completing heists. 

There are three types of challenge categories: Heists, Career, and Combat. The set with the most challenges by far is Combat, and they’ll come by a lot more often than the others will. For those reasons alone, I highly recommend aiming to complete combat challenges. A majority of these are weapon-based, meaning you’ll need to try to rack up numerous kills with each one before trying out a new set.

Focus on Specific Heists

With combat challenges in mind, it helps if you choose the best heists to grind them out. We’ve found that the best heists to accomplish this are Road Rage and Touch The Sky.

Road Rage

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The Road Rage heist takes place entirely on a bridge and is relatively short compared to most other heists. It’s not the easiest to hold out on, although you could try with the right group. Grinding this heist likely means doing it all from start to finish as quickly as possible. The main benefit is being able to take out waves of enemies and leave with a lot of loot.

This is a great option if you want to grind it out Infamy levels while making a ton of money and playing with others online. We suggest making a build just for this heist.

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Touch The Sky

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If you don’t care as much about the money and really want to put your nose to the grind, Touch The Sky is your best option. This is another case where a solid group can help since you’ll unlikely be able to convince randoms to hold out. That being said, it’s also the best option for solo players.

No matter how many people you’re playing with, your strategy should be to hide in the bathrooms. This is a great way to take out cops more easily, since they’ll funnel themselves through the doorway. Use a build that gives you a lot of Edge and the latter skills from the Mower tree to earn ammo without leaving the bathroom. Cutting Shot from the Sharpshooter tree is also helpful as it provides you with armor penetration.

Although it sounds like a great way to thin the assault waves, don’t bring a sentry with you. Any kills they make won’t count as yours for activating any skills. The challenges require you to hit a certain number with your on-hand weapons anyway, so the turret will only steal kills from you.

That covers the best ways to grind Infamy levels in Payday 3. If you’re looking for easy ways to finish a heist with a lot of money, check out our Gold & Sharke Elevator guide. Anything else you need can be found on our PD3 guides page.

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