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Payday 3: How to Find Jewelry Store Basement During Dirty Ice

Having trouble finding the basement code in Payday 3? We break down where to look.

The Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3 seems simple enough at first, but the various steps can get complicated if you’re trying to leave with as much loot as possible. Some have had trouble reaching the bottom of the jewelry store, which is blocked off by a simple four-digit number. Here’s how to find the jewelry store basement code during Dirty Ice in Payday 3.

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How to Find Jewelry Store Basement Code During Dirty Ice in Payday 3

The Payday 3 jewelry store code is randomized each playthrough and can be found in one of three places. What makes this difficult (or at least time-consuming, imo) is that most of them are based on an existing number, but only one will be correct. Here are the places where I found that the code can be:

Same as the Wi-Fi PasswordWritten on a whiteboard in the Break Room.
Same as the Manager’s Employee NumberDisplayed on the Employee of the Month plaque in the Public Showroom.
Written in a BinderLaying on a table in the VIP Showroom.

I suggest writing these down or doing your best to keep a mental note of each one. They won’t stay on your HUD the way the vault codes do in No Rest for the Wicked. Approach the basement door, and you’ll bring up a UV light to shine on the keypad. Cross-reference that with the codes you know to determine which one is correct.

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Where is the Basement Entrance in Dirty Ice? Answered

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In addition to the code changing, the entrance to the basement can also change depending on the run. I typically found it inside the building, but it can sometimes show up on either the left or right side.

Keep all of this in mind, and you’ll know how to find the jewelry store basement code during Dirty Ice in Payday 3. If you’re struggling to find the codes in other heists, check out our guide for how to find the night club vault code. All other tips and tricks are available with our PD3 guides hub.

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