Master the wrestling-style Pikachu Libre in Pokken Tournament with this guide!

Pokken Tournament Guide: Pikachu Libre Basics and Combos

Master the wrestling-style Pikachu Libre in Pokken Tournament with this guide!
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When I first saw that Pikachu Libre was in Pokken Tournament, I was a little upset that another Pokemon was not chosen. After playing as her, I was immediately happy and she became one of my favorite fighters.

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Pikachu Libre has the fun, fast nature of normal Pikachu, but also wrestling moves to make her even more of a boss! Someone start talking trash? Hit him with a stone cold stunner or suplex them into silence!

Jump around the stage and even off of walls to make your opponent antsy before you go in for the kill. Pikachu Libre is the character you want if enhancement (not steroids) and fast, stylish attacks excite you. Check out the Pokken Tournament Beginner Tips and Tricks for other help.

This guide will go over everything about Pikachu Libre in Pokken Tournament including:

  • Pikachu Libre Basics – How she plays, strengths, and weakness. Also, good support and cheer skills to use with this Pokemon.
  • Pikachu Libre Combos – Example combos you can use.

Pikachu Libre Basics

Jumping around the stage, performing stone cold stunners, and being an overall champion are just some of the things Pikachu Libre can do.

The most important thing to know about Pikachu Libre is that she can Enhance herself by landing certain attacks. Enhance increases Attack so you do more damage. Below is a list of some attacks that will Enhance Pikachu Libre.

  • Field Phase – Y,Y
    • Forward+A
    • A,A
    • Back+A
  • Duel Phase – A,A
    • Y,Y,Y,Y
    • Forward+A
    • Up+X combo

While in Duel phase, Back+A (Electroweb) only gives Enhance and phase shift when you are already Enhanced.

Pikachu Libre can also get a Defense boost if you wall jump. While in the air, hold R near the wall to jump off and get the boost. However, there is a much better way to get this boost.

While in field phase, get your back to a wall, then hold back+Y. You will jump in the air to do an attack and jump off the wall for the defense boost.

This is usually how I wall jump. The attack also chases the opponent for a while so it is relatively safe.

The Synergy Burst attack launches Pikachu Libre forward, so it is usually easy to hit. Now your dreams jumping off the top turnbuckle as Pikachu can be a reality.

Pokken Tournament Pikachu Libre Synergy Burst

Double Team (A) is great for avoiding enemy attacks, then attacking. You can also jump or dash step out of Double Team.

Pikachu Libre also has a few multi-range/height attacks to do while in field phase. There is not a lot she can do in field phase at range, so the best thing is to get in close before your opponent can start their range control.

Support Pokemon and Cheer Skill

I like Cubone and Diglett for setting combos up. Dragonite and Victini is also pretty good. I like Victini because he causes all attacks to become critical hits. Check out the How to Unlock All Support Pokemon and Cheer Skills guide for more details.

Standard and Support Focused Cheer Skills are good since she fills up Synergy Gauge quickly. Special wouldn’t be bad either if you lose a round.

Pikachu Libre Combos

 Below are examples of some combos for Pikachu Libre.

  • (Enhanced) Y,Y,Y,Y, Down+A
    • This is my go-to combo as long as I’m enhanced. She will do the normal Y combo that ends with a slam attack that stuns the opponent, then Down+A does the Wild Charge.
    • This only works while enhanced.
  • Forward+X,X, Forward+Y, Cancel Back+A
    • The first part knocks them in the air, Forward+Y hit them while in the air, then you have to cancel with Back+A to do an Electroweb grab while they are still in the air.
  • Up+Y, Midair A
    • Simple combo that knocks your opponent into the air then slams down on them after.

That’s it for my guide on Pikachu Libre Basics and Combos in Pokken Tournament. Let me know if you have any questions or tips of your own!

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