Postknight Tips Guide for the Troubled Mail-Delivery Knight

Tips to stay in tip-top shape throughout your adventure in Postknight, because it's not all totally obvious.

Tips to stay in tip-top shape throughout your adventure in Postknight, because it's not all totally obvious.

Postknight is pretty straight-forward, if I do say so myself. The game does have its intricacies, and any player would do well to pay attention to them.

Past just pushing through the story is equipment upgrading, increasing your Postknight rank, wooing a handful of NPCs across each town, and testing your might and speed in running routes. Taking care of all that stuff — plus managing your health so you can keep fighting — is a handful, especially if you’re really getting into the game.

This beginner’s guide isn’t going to cover the super-super basics, instead, it’s going to cover some nifty tips and advice for new players struggling with progressing the story. A diligent Postknight must be in top condition to make it from one town to the next and the methods of staying in top condition aren’t all that clear. It’s a long, hard road to the top.

Timing Defense in Postknight’s Combat

We’re starting with a really basic one here.

It’s a given you should always be using your potion whenever it’s up, right? Almost always. But what about defending and using your weapon skill?

It’s easy to lose a lot of health quickly when beating on enemies, so you have to be a little careful when defending in particular. The best piece of advice I can give in regards to defending properly is to never defend when you’re not being attacked. Try to only defend right as you’re about to collide with an enemy or be hit with a projectile so you don’t waste the cooldown.

Get Full Equipment Sets and Keep Them Upgraded

You’ve definitely already noticed that each equipment set grants a stat bonus when equipping all four pieces, but have you been leveling your equipment to max level to get the sweet individual piece bonuses? Every piece of equipment, from gray to yellow quality, has its own bonus when it reaches 5 stars. You can check out my equipment bonus guide for more info on that.

The stat improvements on equipment upgrades are great, but the upgrade bonus at 5 stars is almost always worth it. Some pieces give increased critical damage, some grant you a chance to heal on block, and more. There are a bunch of different upgrade bonuses and most of them are worth it.

It’s best to set your sights on a set within an equipment tier, get it, and stick with it through that area, upgrading as much as you can as you progress through the story. Once you reach a wall in your story progress, it’s time to start farming for materials to upgrade your equipment.

Fully upgrading sets takes a lot of materials, some more common than others. This is where farming for materials comes in, and we’ll go into that in the next section.

Farming for Materials in Postkinght

Farming for equipment upgrade materials takes a lot of time and patience, and the higher quality your gear (gray, blue, purple, yellow) the rarer the upgrade materials.

There are two effective methods of grinding for materials:

  • Delivery quests (Better for rare materials)
  • Running routes (Better for more common materials and potion ingredients)

Delivery quests are introduced to you in Pompon Village and are your go-to to get tokens used in increasing your Postknight rank.

(Just to note: You increase your Postknight rank by tapping the emblem at the bottom of the screen while in town.)

Each town has its own delivery quests separate from the other towns.

Delivery quests are better for materials than the standard defeat quests for two reasons:

  1. There are more of them at a time
  2. You get rewards at the treasure chest at the end of a delivery as well as when you return to town.

And that doesn’t mention drops from the enemies you kill.

You want to do deliveries in towns where the materials you need are dropped by enemies. If you do all four and want more, tap the hourglass at the bottom of the menu and use some gems or watch an ad to refresh that town’s deliveries. You have to do a lot of deliveries to get enough of most rare materials.

You can start both delivery and standard quests at the very start of every town by tapping on the board and the mailbox respectively.

Routes are one thing the game does not explain, at least to my recollection. They are extended trips out of town that can last a few minutes and they are packed with enemies to defeat for common materials and potion ingredients.

You can access routes by going all the way to the right in any town and tapping on the signpost. You can also change areas at the signpost.

Running routes is an efficient way to grab common materials and potion ingredients, but not so much with rare materials. If you’re looking for rare materials, as well as the more common stuff, make sure you choose routes with enemies that drop what you need.

Past all of this, of course, is trading with a town’s merchant. Each merchant has different wares fitting the area, and they do sell rarer equipment, as well as rare materials. Refreshing a merchant’s stock via gems or an ad is recommended when you’re trying to get specific materials.

How to Increase Relationships with NPCs

You’ve got to be attentive if you want to dip your feet into the Postknight girl dating pool. Each town has a girl with whom you can increase your relationship, each one with her own loves, likes, and dislikes. Give them things they love or like to increase your relationship with them.

This sounds easier than it really is because there aren’t a ton of hints about what they like, and if you miss giving them a gift for a day you lose a heart. I’ve worked up a guide for gifting the NPCs if you’re interested. It’s not complete, but it’s getting there.

Upgrade Your Potions Carefully

Yeah, I know. You really really want to use all of your potion ingredients when you get them, but you may want to hold off on stuffing them with healing power.

You can upgrade a potion’s healing power, cooldown time, and bonus stat individually. There are no downsides to leveling up the cooldown time or bonus stat for a potion, but there is a serious one when upgrading healing power: When you upgrade healing power the potion cooldown increases by one second.

It’s highly recommended you take it easy on increasing healing power and focus on getting the cooldown time decreased. Just stockpile those healing power ingredients and use them when you’re ready. The minimum cooldown time is 3 seconds.

Just Accept You’re Going to be Watching Ads

Refreshing everything in Postknight requires you either cough up gems or watch ads. You’re never going to have enough gems to skip watching ads entirely unless you spend a bunch of real money. Why bother when you can just let the ads play? Unless you want to support the developer, of course.

You can watch ads to refresh quests, deliveries, and the merchant. And sometimes you really want to refresh them, especially if you’re trying to upgrade equipment. As you get further in the game, watching ads just kind of becomes part of it because you need the materials so badly. So just accept it and press that ad option if you have it.

Keep all of these things in mind as you keep pushing through the story and unlocking new areas. You’ve got to stay on the ball in order to do well in Postknight, and staying on the ball is a fairly grind-intensive process. Hopefully, these tips have taught you something new to make your time with the game easier and more fun. 

(PS. Don’t stress over Siren Scales to max out Seagleam. Instead, just do what you can and go to Griffondell to start on tier 3 gear.)

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