Remnant 2: Best Merciless Bleed Build

Check out the best Merciless Bleed build in Remnant 2, including the best archetypes, skills, armor sets, traits, rings, and amulets.

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Merciless is a secret unique long gun in Remnant 2 that comes with the Bloodline weapon mod. It shoots flechettes that deal massive 250 Bleed Damage. With it and the right accessories, you can shred elites in seconds and beat bosses in minutes. But finding the right combination of items can be hard when the game has so many options. Here’s the best Merciless Bleed build in Remnant 2.

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Best Merciless Bleed Build in Remnant 2

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll need for the Merciless Bleed build:

Best Classes: Hunter/Gunslinger

The best primary archetype class for the Merciless Bleed build would be Hunter, who has two excellent skills: Hunter’s Focus at Level 5 and Hunter’s Shroud at Level 10. The first one grants significant accuracy, while the second one makes you invisible to enemies.

I recommend choosing Gunslinger as your secondary class due to its Bulletstorm skill, which can be unlocked at Level 10. It increases your rate of fire by 20%, and your reload speed by 50%, which are essential for this type of build.

Best Armor Set: Void/Fae Royal

Ultimately, the best armor set for this build would be the Void Set, which is available only to owners of the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition and only after you complete the game. It’s highly resistant to Shock, Toxin, and Fire damage, and you can purchase it from Whispers for 1,750 Scrap.

If you play the Standard Edition of the game and you still haven’t beaten the campaign, then opt for the Fae Royal set, which is a bit heavier but provides solid Bleed, Fire, and Blight damage resistance. It can be found at the Postulan’t Parlor on Losomn.

Best Amulet: Abrasive Whetstone

The Abrasive Whetstone amulet triggers critical damage for each Bleeding enemy. It grants a 15% bonus to your critical hit chance and a 30% bonus to critical hit damage. This is easily the best amulet for this type of build, and you can purchase it from Cass in Ward 13 for 1,000 Scrap.

Best Rings and Traits

The rings for this Bleed build focus mainly on weakspot damage, critical damage, and mod power regeneration:

  • Probability Cord.
  • Zenia’s Malice.
  • Burden of the Destroyer.
  • Faerin’s Sigil.

I also recommend investing your points into the following traits:

  • Longshot.
  • Ammo Reserves.
  • Expertise.
  • Endurance.
  • Vigor.

As for the relics, I’d suggest going for either an Enlarged Heart or Runed Heart for improved healing.

That’s it for the best Merciless Bleed build in Remnant 2. Stay tuned for more R2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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