Remnant 2: How to Get the Fae Royal Armor Set

Here's how to get the full Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2.

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As an ARPG Souls-like, the sequel to From the Ashes has loads of unique and powerful gear options for your builds. One is a collection of armor pieces that you can discover in Losomn, specifically the Postulant’s Parlor area. While there’s a straightforward way to complete the puzzle keeping you from the set, you need to do something quite different if you want to obtain this reward. Here’s how to get the Fae Royal Armor set in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Fae Royal Armor Set in Remnant 2

To get the Remnant 2 Fae Royal Armor Set, move certain white pieces on the chess board in Postulant’s Parlor so that the side rooms are unlocked. While the set is in one of the side rooms, which side room is random. Place a white piece in the center, then one on one of the board’s edges to open the path and the door to the set.

How to Get the Fae Royal Armor Detailed

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Postulant’s Parlor only appears in Losomn. Due to dynamic campaign progression, it might not even be available during your initial run. As such, try Adventure Mode or reroll your campaign (the latter of which I don’t suggest) to find it.

In my case, I came across the Postulant’s Parlor by going through one of the magic doors in the Beatific Palace as part of the Mural quest for the Faelin/Faerin boss. I didn’t stumble upon this section at all while working on the Nightweaver quest, another one of Losomn’s story paths.

How to Unlock Rooms in the Postulant’s Parlor

Postulant’s Parlor is a chess game, which we discussed in detail in our puzzle guide for the area. When you first enter it, make sure you explore every room, barring those that are locked, so that you can reveal the map. Take note of the rooms that remain locked, as well as the position of the pieces on the game board.

  • The board represents the layout of the entire dungeon.
  • The pieces denote whether those sections are locked or unlocked.
  • Blank spaces mean that the main room is reachable, but the smaller side rooms are still locked.
  • White pawns will unlock the main room and side rooms.
  • Black pawns will lock the main room.

The idea is to move your white pieces to form a straight line (i.e., vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). This opens the room behind the Postulant, where you can find the Royal Hunting Bow. Although that’s technically the reward for solving the puzzle, there are still other goodies to find.

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Where to Find the Fae Royal Armor Set

The Fae Royal Armor Set is one such reward that can only be found in a side room, though it has a random location. As such, a bit of trial and error applies.

For instance, during my playthrough, I found the Fae Royal Armor Set in the mid-left section. That meant a white pawn had to be in that part of the board. Likewise, I had to make sure that there were no black pawns that blocked the path. The two images below show you what the board looked like at the time when I acquired the gear pieces.

As an aside, there’s also another item, the Game Master’s Pride, which is trickier to get. If you see a side room that simply won’t open even though you have a white pawn placed in the correct spot, that’s where you’ll find it. However, the only way to open it is to play co-op.

  • Have one player stay in that main room, then get a black pawn to move there, which will cause that side room to open. I personally thought this was quite a hassle since items shouldn’t be locked behind co-op play. But that’s what you’ll need to do.

Fae Royal Armor Set Stats

The full Remnant 2 Fae Royal Armor Set grants the following stats if you wear all pieces:

  • Armor: 107
  • Weight: 55 (heavy) – Slow dodge; 50% stamina cost penalty
  • Resistances: 9 bleeding, 24 fire, and 7 corrosion.

That’s how to get the Fae Royal Armor set in Remnant 2. It’s definitely a cool-looking armor set, one that provides decent defense and status resistances. The Crown of the Red Prince also matches the aesthetics. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our R2 guides hub.

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