Remnant 2: How to Open All Beatific Palace Doors

Use the Magic Quill and delve deeper into the Beatific Palace in Remnant 2.

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The Beatific Palace is a major dungeon in Remnant 2‘s Losomn. Although it glitters in gold and ornaments, it’s also filled with deadly enemies and well-hidden secrets. With that in mind, you’ll want to know how to open all of the Beatific Palace doors to reap all the rewards.

How to Open All Beatific Palace Doors in Remnant 2

To open the Remnant 2 Beatific Palace doors, you need to acquire the Magic Quill from the Jester and advance further in the story. Here are some important tidbits:

  • There are at least four doors that can be opened by using the Magic Quill.
  • The door near the library checkpoint opens later after you’ve gone through the Malefic Palace.
  • Obtaining the Faelin Mural Piece and Faerin Mural Piece lets you pass through the large doorway leading to the boss encounters.

Note that dynamic campaign progression applies here just as it does everywhere in Remnant 2. As such, I suggest making sure that you start your Losomn run in the Beatific Palace. If you start in Morrow Parish, as was my experience when I began the campaign, then that leads to a different boss/main quest. I had to reroll an Adventure Mode run until I was able to get the Beatific Palace starting location.

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Where to Find the Magic Quill Doors

The Jester that gives the Magic Quill can be found in the cellar of the Beatific Palace. He might even hand over the Jester’s Bell if you appreciate his juggling performance. Once you have the Magic Quill, you can interact with the drawings on walls, allowing you to open these Remnant 2 Beatific Palace doors. There are at least four in this dungeon:

  • The wall near the Jester’s spot in the cellar always leads to an optional area/dungeon.
  • More often than not, the one on the first floor of the castle library has an exclamation point. It means that’s where you need to go to advance the main quest further.
  • If you go to the second-floor section of the library, you can jump across the bookshelves to reach another doorway.
  • Lastly, there’s a wall between the elevator shaft and the tunnel that leads to Nimue’s Retreat.

How to Open the Checkpoint Door

As you continue following the main quest path, you’ll eventually reach the Malefic Palace and the Card Jester. This NPC has his own tricks, where he’ll shuffle a bunch of cards that create doorways. I advise you to obtain all Card Jester puzzle rewards first before you pick the “correct” door (i.e., the Mask Card). Entering the correct room will end the event prematurely, and you’ll have no choice but to rerun this part in Adventure Mode.

Now, assuming you do pick the right option, you’ll be able to acquire the Faerin Mural Piece. From there, the path forward should lead to the boss. However, instead of rushing to it, I also suggest returning to the Beatific Palace library checkpoint. Because the Malefic Palace is its “shadow/dark” counterpart, and the path is opened, you’ll also notice that the door next to the checkpoint has been unlocked. Down below, you’ll find the Cataloger’s Jewel, one of the best rings in the game due to its +8 mod power regeneration effect.

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How to Open the Mural Door

Your journey to open all Remnant 2 Beatific Palace doors should net you a couple of important quest items:

  • Faelin Mural Piece — Found in the Beatific Palace just before the library.
  • Faerin Mural Piece — Obtained from the aforementioned Card Jester’s puzzle in the Malefic Palace.
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Now that you have both, you can place them in the large dial in the palace grounds. You can pull the lever to switch between the Beatific Palace or Malefic Palace at will. Soon, you can challenge either of the two main bosses in this dungeon: Faerin or Faelin. Your decision will also impact the rewards that you receive.

In any case, that’s how to open all Beatific Palace doors in Remnant 2. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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