Remnant 2: How to Beat Primogenitor Boss

Exterminate the annoying Primogenitor cockroach in Remnant 2.

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How do you beat the Remnant 2 Primogenitor boss? Don’t let this cockroach-crab hybrid’s size fool you, since it’s able to control giant bugs. Our guide discusses the Primogenitor boss’ abilities in Remnant 2, how you can defeat it, and what reward you’ll receive.

How to Beat the Primogenitor in Remnant 2

Primogenitor Boss Abilities

To beat the Primogenitor boss, you need to be mindful of its slime blobs and insect spawns. Your opponent has the following abilities:

  • Giant Fly Slime Blobs — Multiple Giant Fly enemies will appear in the arena. Each one spews three blobs in quick succession, which deal damage.
  • Insect Swarm — Lots of insects will also appear, latching onto your character and dealing damage.
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Primogenitor Strategy

Due to dynamic campaign progression, your journey might be different. In my case, I fought the Remnant 2 Primogenitor boss in the N’erud: Hatchery dungeon. The location didn’t appear when I was doing the main quest for the Seeker’s Keys. Instead, it only showed up when I was looking for Soul Sparks, part of an entirely different main quest.

In any case, the Primogenitor itself is the blue cockroach-crab hybrid that hitches a ride on the Giant Flies. Ideally, you’ll want to focus your fire on it when it pops up on a particular fly’s body to deal more damage. When that fly dies, the Primogenitor will scurry around the room, and you have to continue shooting and smacking it around.

After a few seconds, it will hop on top of another fly, and you’ll have to repeat the process. Do watch out for obstacles and corpses in the chamber, since these can bar your path when you’re running around.

Reward: Cracked Shell and Space Crabs Mod

The reward for beating the Remnant 2 Primogenitor boss is the Cracked Shell material. It can be exchanged for the Space Crabs mod, which has the following effect:

  • Launch an alien egg that releases five Space Crabs. Each Space Crab follows you around and leaps on nearby enemies before exploding for 60 damage.

It does seem a bit gimmicky, but it’s also hilarious to see a bunch of critters running around and going kaboom. And that’s it: that’s all you need to know about the Primogenitor boss in Remnant 2. Don’t forget that N’erud has other deadly foes, such as the Astropath. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our Remnant 2 guides hub.

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