Remnant 2: How to Emote

Emotes give co-op players in Remnant 2 a few more communication options. Here's how to do them.

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As a game with multiplayer co-op, Remnant 2 comes with a limited but still helpful set of in-game emotes that can serve as a form of communication in lieu of voice comms. Doing so is accessible on both controller and mouse and keyboard, with an easy-to-use wheel and two quick-select slots. And while you’re definitely better off being in voice chat with your teammates, communication this way works in a pinch. Here’s how to emote in Remnant 2.

How to Emote in Remnant 2

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To emote in Remnant 2, open the emote wheel by pressing G on your keyboard or down on the D-Pad on controller, then click one that appears in the wheel. If you’re in one of Remnant 2‘s five available worlds, you can use the top five options here to ask for Long Gun or Handgun ammo, request help, find a World Stone, or tell your teammates to follow you. Then, at the bottom of the menu are two quick-select slots.

How to Assign New Emotes to the Emote Wheel

Hovering over either quick-select slot and pressing either LMB or RB/R1 will open the larger emote wheel, where you can assign two out of eight possible emotes to these slots, letting you use them quickly. The input to open the second menu is a bit awkward on controller, so the quick-access slots are welcome.

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Why You Should Play Remnant 2 With Voice Comms Instead

That said, if you’re playing Remnant 2 in co-op, I highly recommend doing so with voice comms. Almost all of the boss fights — and much of the combat in general — quickly devolve into chaos, where it’s easier to fumble an emote input than not. A good starting place for finding co-op partners is your friends group, of course. But otherwise, you can find platform-specific group sections in the official Remnant Discord.

There are also tons of content creators out there who really enjoyed Remnant 2 with Discord servers. Those are always smaller, tighter-knit, and more curated (or at least moderated), making it more likely you’ll find people to explore with. You can also be like me: a gremlin who plays Souls-likes alone to relax and rage at in equal measure. I didn’t choose the gremlin life. It chose me.

That’s how to emote in Remnant 2. It’s one of the simplest mechanics in the game but can come in handy in almost any situation, especially so if you’re in a random lobby where no one’s talking to one another. For more content on the game, check out our guides on how to get the Merciless Long Gun, the Marrow Parish safe code, and more in our R2 guides hub.

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